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Foster parents of FASD & possible autistic boys

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3/21/13 4:18 P

I have 4 adopted children that I fostered first. My 14 year old was diagnosed adhd, ODD, post traumatic stress disorder and RAD. His needs are alot greater than the other 3. My daughter was addicted to meth when she was born and had failure to thrive she is 11 now and gets excellent grades she loves to read. But we spent alot of time with her when she was a baby reading and singing to her, she went through withdrawl symptoms from meth for about a year. My other two have no issues and are doing great.

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3/19/13 8:24 A

We have also fostered children. Our family is complete at the moment with three biological and two adopted through foster care. My two adopted children have special needs. One was a failure to thrive infant who joined our family when he was 1. He was diagnosed then with developmental delays and mild cerebral palsy. At 6 he was diagnosed with ADHD and at 12 he has just been diagnosed with aspergers. Our other child was not diagnosed with ADHD until he was 10, it was so frustrating I tried so many different techniques to help him succeed in daily life, he recently was also diagnosed with aspergers. He is 13. They are wonderful boys, but it is challenging to help them navigate through life.

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3/18/13 4:22 P

While I am not in the same boat I just wanted to say thank you for being a foster parent. My husband and I want to foster adopt, we have one biological child but always wanted to adopt also. It is amazing what you do and how you help these kids.

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3/16/13 8:11 P

I have been a foster parent for 6 1/2 years. We have 3 wonderful foster children, none of our own (yet (: ) Our middle boy (8 yrs) has been diagnosed with FASD and my youngest boy (4yrs) has not been officially diagnosed, but is showing signs of autism and is at a 2 yr old level as per his child development coordinator, o/t, p/t, and speech therapists. Even our worker has told is that he most likely has it.

Anyone out there in the same boat? We can swap stories and share advice.

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