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6/7/12 8:53 P

Thank you Becky for the link. It was super helpful!

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3/17/12 12:03 P

Hi UNIDENT... thank you for your feedback. I did Becky's formulas-- you were almost exactly right!! My "sedentary" rate was 1625:)
Most days I would be 1830 and at least once (but usually twice) it's 2100. So having around 1200 calories per day after 12 weeks should have at least had me lose 15 pounds and yet here I stay the same.
As I was telling 3 NORNS below-- I feel so much more energetic which I love and which ironically makes me more active and probably burn more calories than I'm listing above (I'm using the low side as a caution) and now I am just ready to drop the weight! I have all of this energy and have so many things I want to do but can't because I've got the equivalent of a 10 year old strapped to my rear!

I'm definitely feeling better being on here though-- finding people that care enough to give feedback and who know more or less where I'm coming from:)

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3/17/12 11:58 A

Hi 3NORNS-- I definitely hear what you're saying and no... I was not quite accurately tracking my calories-- but my nutrition tracker has really helped me pick up those extra calories. I have been averaging 200 more per day than I was just writing my own journal/food diary before joining here.
I was leaving out little things like condiments and olives etc..
Very fortunately the only drinks I like are water and diet soda so I never get extra calories from drinks. I drink water 80% of the time-- I grew up that way and now it seems to have stuck!:)

Even with the extra 200 calories I've been missing I have yet to hit the 1200 calorie minimum here on SparkPeople so it's just a bit confusing. I am extremely pleased with my energy levels after eating so healthy for 12 weeks (12 weeks on Tuesday) and now I just want the weight to start dropping! It's a little harder to do everything with a 10 year old strapped to my butt! :)

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3/17/12 11:41 A

Thank you for sending me to that page Becky! I did do all of the formulas-- thank heavens you put them together because as you said... not rocket science... but very confusing unless we have it in an easy step by step by you!

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3/16/12 9:57 P

You are not burning less than 1000 calories per day.

Your tracker says you've got 30kg to lose. That would put you at a BMR of around 1600 daily. You can use the link Becky posted to input your exact stats and find an exact figure.

That means you burn around 2,000 calories a day before you start exercising (the 1600 isn't everything you burn).

Why you're not losing weight on such a low intake may be because many Sparkers have found they simply ate too low. When they increased their intake - they started losing. This isn't supposed to happen, but it's frequently reported.

There is no possible way your body is burning less than 1,000 calories a day.

Try using the higher end of the range a bit more, hitting maybe 1300-1400 more often instead of barely making 1200.

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3/16/12 9:46 P

have you been *accurately* tracking your intake?

just an example: i used to drink coffee and tea like it was going out of style - i mean 8-10c a day, but the "cup" was a 750ml capacity (it was actually a novelty flower vase shaped like a mug). it wasn't until i actually measured the milk that i found out i was using a full 1/2c of milk *per cup*, which means i was taking in 4-5c of milk *per day* which is 488 - 610 calories that simply were never on my radar. add to that the all-too-often times i elected to grab the cream instead of the milk and it's no wonder my weight has been steadily climbing! i'd just assumed it was "a cpl tbsp or so".

i still drink the same amount but now it's plain tea, either flavoured or herbal.

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3/16/12 8:27 P

Your calorie needs are based on your basal metabolic needs (calories to keep you alive in a resting state), the calories you burn through your daily activity, and the calories you burn through planned exercise.

To see how the formulas work and your calorie range is determined, check out this SP article.

If you have additional questions about all this...please let me know.
SP Dietitian Becky

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3/16/12 7:16 P

Thanks again ELENGIL. I am in no way eating 3500 calories per day. I thought I was eating about 1000 but to be fair after coming on here and tracking every single thing including condiments... it's closer to 1200. My goal according to my nutrition tracker is 1200-1500.
My burned calories from exercise are about 250 on a regular day but on "skating days" (ice skate) according to my fitness tracker it's more like 1000 per day (about twice per week). I've been doing this since Dec 27, 2012 and I was thinking what you said below...
for instance eat 1300 cals, burn 250 = 1050 cals left over.

I've lost ZERO pounds in 81 days of this so that tells me I'm burning less than 1000 calories per day after exercise. What does your body burn just resting?

Sorry-- never have dieted seriously and just frustrated with it not working and willing to do what it takes.... if I can figure out what that is! :)

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3/16/12 6:51 P


Ok, first, that 3500 isn't what you should be striving for per day!

If you go to "reports" and check "Calorie differential over time" that will give you a good estimate of what you burn per week (and you really should be looking at weekly averages, not daily specifics, to get a good understanding of where you fall.)

Depending on how much weight you have to lose, how much you currently weigh, and how quickly you wish to lose weight - the most you should be losing is about 2 pounds per week - all factor in to how much you *can* and *should* safely lose in a week. The closer you are to your ideal weight, the slower you'll lose.

Between diet (reduced caloric intake) and exercise (increased caloric expenditure) you need to create a deficit of 3500 calories *per week* to loose 1 pound of fat *per week* (that's about 500 calories per day).

If your deficit is a bit higher, you might lose a bit more (so long as you are not under-eating) and if your deficit is lower, you will probably lose a bit less.

So long as you have input accurately your weekly calories burned in the fitness tracker, as well as put in your correct weight, height, age, etc, the site will give you your calorie range per day. If you are finding it difficult to lose weight in that range, you may need to relook at your numbers.

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3/16/12 6:21 P

Thanks ELENGIL... that's probably what people have been meaning.

Another question if you happen to know -- what do you do if you burn only 1000 calories per day even with exercise. Is there anything other than exercise that can increase it so that you are burning some sort of calories?


3/16/12 5:59 P

Thanks ELENGIL this helps me a lot.

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3/16/12 5:56 P

I believe you're misinterpreting the data. 3500 calories is 1 pound of fat (either put on or taken off). It's how individuals' bodies interpret their caloric diet and expenditure that may differ. In other words, two people may eat the same thing and their bodies will process it differently, or exercise the same, but expend different amounts of calories in doing so, but that doesn't change the equation of 3500 calories burned being equivalent to the energy required to burn 1 pound of fat or 3500 calories consumed and stored being equivalent to 1 pound of gained fat.

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3/16/12 5:55 P

Sorry I don't know but being new I was wondering the same thing.

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3/16/12 5:50 P

Does anyone have any idea if there is some sort of formula or easy method to calculating how many calories an individual needs to burn over what they eat to lose weight?

I used to think 3500 calories=1 pound but now that I know that's not true and that it depends on the person-- I'm just wondering how you know your personal number?


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