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1/4/13 12:33 A

I think that's pretty good advice and your approach sounds as though it will work well for you, since you've chosen small, discrete steps that you can take rather than embarking on a sweeping change. Building a life of healthy habits really is a matter of adding good habits that make it easier to walk away from the useful habits. Just keep adding good - accentuate the positive, as the old song says :)


PS - It's nice to 'meet' another NPR fan on here :)

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1/3/13 10:31 A

Writing my goal down - starting small and adding as I go along - instead of biting on big hunk of goal off at once.

CAT-IN-CJ Posts: 5,065
1/2/13 8:57 P


SparkCoach helps with the daily goal setting. It really helped me!

JENLSMITH1128 Posts: 11
1/2/13 12:36 P

I was listening to NPR on my way home today and they were discussing habits, as in how to form good ones and break bad ones. The biggest take away I got was to start small. Instead of saying I am going to only consume 1500 calories a day, exercise 5 days a week, drink more water, eat no desserts etc etc I say for the month of January I am going to concentrate on cutting back on sugar consumption and lower my sodium intake. I will try to get the whole 1500 calorie, exercise, water thing down also but my biggest priority will be less sugar and salt. I will also try very hard not to beat myself up if I over/under do any of these things. Once I get sugar and salt under control I will make sure I drink more water. I feel a whole lot less stress over the situation when I think this way.

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