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1/21/13 2:19 P

Thank you, Fit4MeIn2012. I see a report that has just what I was looking for!

I did look at the iPhone app, but it got some pretty negative reviews so I was just using the browser. But, that is very cumbersome. If you say the app works, and it's easier than trying to use the site on a small phone screen, I'll plunk down the $3.99.

I appreciate your reply! I'm already enjoying this site much more that the other one and way more than WW!

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1/21/13 2:07 P

Thank you, CatMagnet! I am also a "cat magnet" and have a couple of rescue kitties that are just the best. Your story is quite the inspriation! I am also an exerciser (just got off the rowing machine after 45 intense minutes :). I let myself go in the last year when I was dealing with all that goes along with caring for my Mom who had cancer. Now that I am pushing 51 the weight just doesn't come off like it used to, but I remained determined!

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1/21/13 2:05 P

If you want it, Sparkpeople has it! Go up to "My Trackers" then to "Reports" and pick what you want. I love this site! If you haven't downloaded the app to your phone and/or tablet, do it today! I couldn't function without it and they synch across all devices!

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1/21/13 12:45 P

Greetings from Milton, Ga (a suburb north of Atlanta)! I just switched to SP from MyFitnessPal because of all the forums, blogs, active users and support available on the SP site emoticon . I am missing one feature, though. Does SP show you your net calories by day, week, month, etc. I.e., calories consumed less calories burned through exercise? If anyone knows, please share.

Thank you so much, I am excited to be here!

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