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1/23/13 8:29 A

I watched this the other day. I enjoyed the movie and agree that whole foods are a big, important part of health.. but I find it all a little confusing. I also recently read Why We Get Fat (
) which promotes a low carb, high-fat/protein diet and makes the same sort of claims about how it can benefit your health, only this time they say all sugar/carbs are the problem. That book says that carbs including fruit, whole grains, etc, promote insulin resistance and make us gain weight, and recommends eating only veggies, dairy, nuts, and meat. Thinking about these two pieces of diet info next to one another just confuses me and annoys me and I end up resolving to eat sensibly instead of subscribing to either.

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1/23/13 6:17 A

I didn't find "Forks over Knives" that impressive (it was as someone said, a bit preachy), but the fact they are learning to eat whole foods instead of processed is a good message. Once you start paying attention to what you are eating, changes are almost inevitable. But IMHO there are plenty of good whole foods that aren't vegan that can be eaten healthily alongside a good selection of vegetables.

1/23/13 3:42 A

Joel Furhman impressed me more than forks over knives

1/23/13 3:08 A

I have only seen snippets -- but there is a lot of up-coming research about diet and health!! Dr's Dean Ornish, Joel Furhman, Sanjay Gupta, Neal Barnard, Esselstyn, etc are all researching low-fat vegan diets and seeing results with everything from diabetes and hypertension to certain types of cancer :) You can google some of the talks from all of them - but especially Dr. Dean Ornish where he shows his research info.

Vid clip:

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1/23/13 12:59 A

Seemed suspiciously preachy to me - did some research, turns out that some of the film's claims are a little questionable.

ILAH17 Posts: 12
1/22/13 10:16 P

We just watched it too! We were more than intrigued. I just started reading Eat to Live by Dr Joel Fuhrman and have already taken some steps to adopt a nutritarian lifestyle. Forks Over Knives reinforced that animal products are not an essential part of our diet. I do not plan on becoming vegan, but I will definitely limit my animal product consumption. The changes in the people's bodies and health were nothing less than amazing.

1/22/13 9:52 P

I just viewed "Forks Over Knives" and was really impressed with the thoroughness of the reporting. Have you seen the movie? How have you reacted to it?

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