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3/26/13 11:03 A


It can be easy to complete a major workout and then tell yourself you deserve the reward/treat. Truth is not having the treat is the reward because your not negating all your hard work. Plus it gets you closer to your goals by not having the treat.

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3/25/13 10:29 A


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Well done on managing your craving! I bet you were so pleased to know that you could do it
(insert round-of-applause here)!

Me? Before Sparks, Ben & Jerry's ice cream was a particular land mine. Partially due to the fact that I never put it in a bowl; I'd just grab a pint container (they're single serve, aren't they? lol) & a spoon.

Once I got a digital scale, I began weighing what a true "serving" was (1/2 cup!!) but not w/ Ben & Jerry's, since it's still my kryptonite. Rather, I've found other options that are still super yummy (so I don't feel deprived) and I measure those out. Talenti makes a fab gelato and I'll choose certain lower cal options of those.

No more eating w/ spoon out of the container for this girl...that in & of itself was an achievement.

Continued success to you.
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3/24/13 9:33 A

I wanted ice cream sooo bad last night but after my river walk, we were going to stop for ice cream.. in the long run by the end, I no longer craved it and forced myself to drive past the restaurant to where it has my favorite ice cream treats.. This is the only junk food that I have yet to give up

It was a huge deal to me, but oh, the pride I felt when I pulled into my driveway

I would LOVE to hear of others who did the same thing.. for this is the motivation that feels good and it was extra calories that we didn't need.

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