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5/23/13 8:12 A

just to mention that excessive thirst can be a sign of diabetes.
besides trying to better space out your water, what color is/was your urine? clear generally means you are drinking too much and dark yellow means you are drinking too little. your urine should be a pale yellow color. perhaps you could try watching your urine color and let that help guide you to how much you should be drinking.

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5/22/13 11:24 A

I too drink a ton of water. I'm thirsty pretty much all the time. I'm usually at at least 10-12 glasses a day, sometimes more. I live in Colorado so we're at a higher altitude here, plus it's very dry here, so that's the main reason for thirst wasn't this bad when I lived at sea level although I've always drank a decent amount. If I don't drink at least 8 glasses a day I start to get headaches. Going to the bathroom a lot does suck though. Do you live at a higher altitude or in a very dry climate?

I also agree w/ the others in trying to change some of your carby snacks to something with more protein. Despite what people say, I do think carbs, especially simple ones like the ones you eat, are addictive. But once you aren't eat them as much, you don't want them as much either. Maybe try your tortilla with peanut butter instead of the honey. Instead of the cookies, maybe do a protein bar. I replaced cookies with a fiber granola bar and while it still has sugar etc, it at least has other nutrients too. Add some sliced chicken or even steak to your salad. With pasta, maybe cut down to 2 cups instead of 3, but add in some kind of protein with it... chicken sausage, chicken, ground beef, something so you're not eating straight up carbs. Also try eating fruit instead of sweets... again still sugar there but it's a different kind of sugar and it also has lots of other vitamins and minerals your body needs. Since calories aren't really an issue for you, you could even do dried fruit.

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5/22/13 7:55 A

Any of the weights between 148-154 would have you in the healthy, normal BMI range. One would not be "more ideal" over another.

To help with the thirst during exercise. Drink about 2 cups 30 minutes before you work out. Drink about 1/2 to 1 cup every 20-30 minutes during your workout and then about 1-2 cups after your workout. Then drink as your thrirst shows. See how you feel on this.

Also...a general guideline for sugar intake is to have no more than about 6-7 teaspoons of added sugar daily. Sounds like you are well within this recommendation---actually much less.

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5/22/13 5:32 A

I would encourage you to go more natural in your nutrition. Instead of of processed cookies, pastas, and breads, I would try some of the following for quick carbs and/or high calories:

fresh fruits with peanut butter
dried fruits
avocado slices
coconut oil
coconut water

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5/21/13 10:17 P

I tried cutting water back today and probably had about 8 to 10 glasses worth instead of the excess - it cut my bathroom needs to once every 4 hours instead of hourly. That's a good thing. Problem is, I feel thirsty when exercising at that point - I guess by doing the 14 glasses I was "staying ahead of the game" so I wouldn't feel thirsty - but maybe I need to feel thirsty or just hydrate better during the exercise periods. But more under control today vs usual.

As for the nutrition - yes right now I'm around 152-154 lbs - would like to get to 148-150 lbs as that's what I am told is my 'ideal' weight, but quite frankly am happy where I am at now. Heck I weigh less than my wife (but only several lbs.)

Just am concerned because I don't want to have health problems or liver problems later on, and while I'm not taking in a excess amount of sugar daily, I do have "moments" so to speak where some days are just sugar crazy days where I eat cookies plus candy plus other junk - those days are maybe once a month, but they do exist. I try to balance the protein out but find it hard sometimes when I'm at work almost all day.

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5/21/13 8:24 P

Based on what you share, your protein needs would be about 55 grams daily.
Are you getting this amount?? If not, then you may need to alter your carb to protein amount. Otherwise, you are probably fne.

The adice for water is "drink when you are thirsty" and throughout your workout. Sounds like you maybe "pushing/forcing fluid" based on the number of bathroom breaks you need daily.

SP Registered Dietitian

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5/21/13 8:03 P

Are you trying to lose or gain weight?

152-155# for your height puts your BMI in the "normal" range, neither underweight or over. Do you weigh this now, or are you working towards reaching this?

IF you are not trying to lose or gain, is there any specific reason you are seeking to alter your diet to less-carbs-more-protein? I ask this because IF you are at your ideal weight and maintaining it on your typical food intake, why change what's working? Are there other health concerns that you are trying to tackle, or some fitness goal (i.e. building muscle mass, which does require adequate protein), or just generally working towards getting "junk food" (which is typically refined/empty carbs) out of your diet?

Edit to add: why so much water? Do you just happen to like water? Or is there some particular reason you would choose to drink so much? There's no particular benefit to 14 glasses of water per day, unless you were dehydrating due to exertion or heat - in which case you wouldn't be matching drinks-to-bathroom-trips...

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5/21/13 7:54 P

This is kind of a strange topic given most people join Spark People to shed the pounds through dieting, but had a few questions for people who have a very high metabolism.

First, I am very active. Bike to work 3 out of 4 days / week (16 mile round trip); go on walks during lunch at work to get food (because I'm too lazy to drive!) - and run - a long 12-13 miler, a medium 5-7 miler, and a short 3-5 miler each week. In other words, I routinely burn 6000 calories+/week.

I notice that I eat between 2,400 and 3,200 calories a day. I'm guessing this is usual given this level of fitness. I try my best to make sure that part of it comes from healthy food - my lunch is generally 3 cups of spinach with low fat dressing & almond slivers / yogurt raisins on top of it. For breakfasts I usually carb out with 3 cups worth of pasta, and for dinner it varies. I find that I crave carbs - a lot. On the order of 3 cups of pasta, 5 tortillas w/ honey, etc - each day. I crave sugary carbs too - usually eat 3 to 4 cookies a day as a "desert" after breakfast. Not sure if this is healthy but I suppose I burn right through it.

Anyone with similar lifestyles have tips/tricks to reduce carbs and increase protein intake? Also - is 152-155 lbs a healthy weight for a 5'8" male? Should I aim for lower or higher?

I drink a lot of water - so much I sometimes drink 12-14 glasses / day and end up having to go to the bathroom the same amount of times or more. I didn't know if this is usual or not - especially the bathroom breaks 12-14/day after downing at times up to 160 oz of water a day - but I have had blood work done in the past all coming back negative.

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