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10/6/13 8:10 P

Terry Pratchett

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10/6/13 8:04 P

Still M C MacHale. Pendragon Are You Afraid of the Dark

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10/6/13 4:49 P

Christoper Moore

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10/6/13 8:59 A

love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books (not so much the 'between the numbers' books - the ones I read are just bleh)

Dave Barry's NOVELS. OMG the most hilarious books I've ever read. I think I've read Tricky Business more than 20 times. And I still laugh out loud when I read it.

Carl Hiaasen - very funny FL political humor novels

Stephen King - masterful.

Elmore Leonard

James Patterson

John Sandford's Prey books (they all have the word PREY in the title)

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10/6/13 8:39 A

Jane Austen

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10/5/13 10:13 P

All the authors of the Bible, that are God breathed into the entire Bible by the authors.

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10/5/13 3:12 P

Fiction or Non fiction ?

For non fiction, I love David McCullough and Barbara Tuchmann. They are two of my favorite historians.

Fiction, there are a lot of writers I could list from Charles Dickens to Dennis Lehanne.

I'm a voracious reader. Too many to list.

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10/5/13 3:08 P

Can not pick just Evanovich (fun!), Lisa Scottoline, Elizabeth Berg, Dean Koontz, Jonathan Kellerman, Lee Child, Stephen King, etc, etc..I love to read!

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10/5/13 2:59 P

Recently, I would say Louise Penny!

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10/5/13 11:51 A

Too many great authors I love for me to be able to have a favorite.

All time favorites I especially resonate to, to name only three, are Shakespeare, Ray Bradbury, Thomas Aquinas.

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10/5/13 11:41 A

My favorite author changes from time to time. Today it is M. C. MacHale (Pendragon, Morpheus Road, Are You Afraid of the Dark just to mention a few).

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10/5/13 10:37 A

It's hard to pick just one! Here are a few: Jane Austen, Sheri Tepper, Ursula Le Guin, Greg Egan, Jared Diamond.

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10/5/13 10:22 A

It's hard for me to pick just one, there are so many I like and I am an avid reader.

Just to name a few:
Philippa Gregory
Ken Follett
Julie Klassen
Siri Mitchell
Lisa See
Joyce Magnin
Mitch Albom
Ann H. Gabhart

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10/5/13 10:15 A

I have recently discovered Elizabeth Gaskell. I have always liked the Bontes so Gaskell is kind of a no brainer I just wasn't familiar with her. I had to read a couple Bronte books in school, but no one ever even mentioned Gaskell. I have also read every Austen book several times.
I still love Douglas Adams as well. I read his books over and over also.
Sharon Kay Penman has many many well researched historical fiction and I have read a few of hers.

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10/5/13 2:24 A

Online Now  • ))
God is the best author of all! emoticon

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10/5/13 1:33 A

Reading is one of my favorite things to do...I lose more sleep reading "just one more page"
A lot of my favorite authors have already been mentioned so here are a few you might not know about:

A fun series is The Cat who... by Lillian Jackson Braun. All involve cats and dead bodies.

Joanne Fluke writes the Hannah Swensen Murder series which include lots of yummy recipes, example is the Apple Turnover Murder. The heroine owns a cookie bakery and to the dismay of her mother stumbles over dead bodies quite frequently. Also has the ongoing back story of a sisters, boyfriends and a slightly neurotic cat.

I also like John Sandford's Prey series, Lucas Davenport is cool! lol

Most Stephen King and Dean Koontz books, a few are too weird or scary but most are pretty good.

HP Mallory writes a couple of fantasy series that are funny. Good writer, makes you like the characters and want to know what happens next.

Robin D Owens has written a cool series where women save a doomed planet.

Hmm, looking at this list I have very eclectic taste in books.

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10/4/13 11:40 P

Laura Ingalls Wilder

ALLYALLYT Posts: 9,468
10/4/13 11:37 P

sue grafton

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10/4/13 10:56 P

Currently I'm revisiting Jane Austin.

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10/4/13 10:38 P

Apostle Paul

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10/4/13 8:48 P

In the shadow of man, Jane Goodall
Mountain People, Colin Turnbull
Why am I afraid to tell you who I am, John Powell
Hearts we broke long ago, Merele Shain

And all the story, history, any book I have ever read.

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10/4/13 8:42 P

Kudos to you too! What a selection. I read slaughter house five, and all of Vonnegut's books
in college As a matter of fact, I have read a lot of these when I went to school..

Try "War Horse, " you'll love it!

10/4/13 8:41 P

The Bible inspired by God

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10/4/13 8:37 P

Girl with the dragon tattoo
An intelligent mystery! Yudos for you! eva.

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10/4/13 8:36 P

Edgar Allan Poe

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10/4/13 8:30 P

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I love Danielle Steel!!!!

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10/4/13 6:30 P

I loved Stieg Larrson's --Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series...

I enjoy David Baldacci books

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10/4/13 5:54 P

I have given up reading fiction and I stick to history and trivia. (Neither of which I remember too many specifics, but enjoy reading it anyway.)

My favorite authors when I use to read fiction voraciously:

Charles Dickens: Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol are my two favorites
John Steinbeck: Grapes of Wrath, The Pearl, Cannery Row, and East of Eden are my favorites
Edgar Allan Poe: Many of his short stories
Mark Twain: Several of his novels
Kurt Vonnegut: Particularly Slaughter-House Five
H. G. Wells: The Invisible Man and War of the Worlds are my favorites
Thomas Hardy: The Return of the Native and The Mayor of Casterbridge are my favorites

And etc, etc, etc.

The novels I greatly enjoyed and have read more than once:
....To Kill a Mockingbird -- Harper Lee
....The Count of Monte Cristo -- Alexandre Dumas
....Great Expectations -- Charles Dickens
....Huckleberry Finn -- Mark Twain
....The Great Gatsby -- F. Scott Fitzgerald
....The Scarlet Letter -- Nathaniel Hawthorne
....Treasure Island -- Robert Lewis Stephenson
....Slaughter-House Five -- Kurt Vonnegut
....Where the Red Fern Grows -- Wilson Rawls
....The Yearling -- Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
....etc, etc, etc.

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10/4/13 4:57 P

Who is your favorite author? Why?

I enjoy reading and have a handful of authors that are my go to reading. I enjoy Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Sofie Kelly, and Blaize Clement.

I love all of these authors and for different reasons. If you don't know about these authors, I'll try to give a brief overview.

1) Janet Evanovich - If you know her writing, then you Stephanie Plum is her most loved series. Stephanie is a bounty hunter in NJ. Her family and coworkers make her eye twitch. Cars blow up, she has a hamster, relationship issues (attracted to two different men), junk food (Tasty Kakes, doughnuts, and fast food). Lula and Grandma Mazur are too funny. They make Stephanie's eye twitch. She also has a bad habit of finding dead people. I could go on about this series, telling you about the characters and the things that make me laugh. Easy reading. Huge fan base.

2) Sue Grafton - Kinsey Milhone is the main character in the series and takes place in California. She is a private investigator. She lives in an apartment over a garage that is owned by an active elderly man, who has, in my opinion, ended up being a bit of a father figure. Her parents had been killed in a car wreck when she was a child (she was in the back seat at the time of the crash). She was then raised by an aunt and didn't know she had other family until sometime later in the series.

3) Shirley Rousseau Murphy - Joe Grey is the main character (cat) in the series. Joe Grey was rescued, when his person found him on the side of the road, soaked from rain (on the verge of dying). He figures out that he can speak English and that there are others like him. His person and a few other people in the town know this secret. Joe Grey and his lady friend, Dulcie (also a talking cat), help to solve mysteries. The sheriff doesn't know about the talking cats, but gets nervous when he sees the cats at a crime scene.

4) Sofie Kelly - Kathleen Paulie is a librarian who has two cats that followed her home. They have magical powers, like walking through walls and transporting themselves from one place to another. It's harder to describe these books since I have only read 3 of the 5 books in the series.

5) Blaize Clement - Dixie Hemingway had been a cop until her husband (also a cop) and daughter were hit and killed when a car hit them. She moved to what I can easily describe as an in-law suite at her brothers house (which used to belong to their grandparents). She is now a pet-sitter and like Stephanie Plum, has a talent for finding dead people. She is nosey and has put herself into some danger. The series takes place in Florida. This is an easy read like the Stephanie Plum series. Blaize Clement died in 2011 but her son was able to finish the book she had started. There are 8 books in the series. I think her son has a ninth book coming out next year.

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