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BFGURU Posts: 181
10/9/13 9:49 P

I use flavored coffee and plain almond milk with stevia. Like a fru fru starbucks drink minus the calories and crap.

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (40,972)
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10/9/13 5:12 P

I would suggest reading this regarding the use of artificial sweeteners. While they may technically be "safe" (I personally disagree with this), they can lead to other issues such as increased hunger, insulin spikes, etc.

Personally, I never, ever consume splenda, aspartame, saccharin or other highly processed artificial sweeteners. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I choose not to put those chemicals in my body in any amount. I've grown my own stevia, dried it and powdered it and it is very sweet and not artificial tasting at all.

AGILEDOBE Posts: 428
10/9/13 2:55 P

When I started adhering to a healthier diet about two months ago, I noticed that the morning cup of coffee was souring my stomach. So green lemon tea now with honey, no more coffee though I still have New England coffee in my cabinet. I would like a cup but then I recall how it makes me feel, oh well!

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
10/9/13 2:09 P

My morning coffee consists of 2 cups of cold-brewed coffee and some dairy-free creamer/sweetener, about 60 calories all told.

Cold brew is coffee grounds steeped in a large carafe for about a day, and then the grounds are filtered out and the liquid refrigerated. The liquid is a concentrate, and is mixed in a 1:1 ratio with water for drinking. I have it over ice, but it can also be microwaved for a hot coffee.

I highly recommend this for people who have trouble with acid but don't want to give up their coffee habit!

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,744
10/9/13 1:52 P

I drink coffee with 2tbsp of evaporated milk. 40 calories per cup.

FITREBECCA26 SparkPoints: (21,457)
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10/9/13 9:24 A

It's taken me forever, but I finally have switched to black coffee! I add a little bit of a sugar free flavor and some non-fat milk...perfect way to start my day! :-)

10/9/13 9:02 A

COFFEE! I love it! I have 1-3 cups a day. I use flavored creamers so its like a treat to me. Im loving the Coffeemate Italian Sweet Cream -sugar free- right now. Sometimes I have a decaf at night instead of night snacking.
Enjoy your cup of joe!
~everything in moderation~

KOPSBABY SparkPoints: (220,033)
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10/9/13 7:42 A

I drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee each day as well. I use International Delight Chocolate creamer in it.

ALBERTJON SparkPoints: (3,133)
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Posts: 1,299
10/9/13 6:58 A

ROCCOERZ1: In moderation, as you seem to be drinking it, coffee, even if not beneficial, is not harmful for adults to drink, assuming they don't have some sort of adverse reaction to the caffeine and/or acid. You drink decaffeinated so caffeine would not be a problem.

I feel that I drink too much coffee. I drink dark roast, strong, and with no additives. I make a 20 ounce pot in the morning, and often drink another 20 ounce pot in the afternoon or evening. I don't have trouble sleeping because of coffee, not do I have any negative reaction to the acidity. I just think at my age, 40 ounces or more daily is too much.

One thing that blows my feeble mind is how much people spend at coffee places like Starbucks, Dunkin' Doughnuts, Peets, Joe Muggs, etc. If they added up the yearly amount, it might be staggering to them. My children living in the Northeast often/sometimes buy ice coffee in the summer and coffee drinks in the winter to drink while going to work. They can spend anywhere from $2 to $5 per drink.

MLOCOLINDA: Wow! 128 ounce of coffee daily! That seems like a lot, but you have been doing it for 30 years.

IMLOCOLINDA Posts: 19,469
10/9/13 1:49 A

I drink 2 64 oz. iced coffees each day. I walk 1.75 miles to get it. I fill a 64 oz. cup with ice and pour dark roast coffee over it. Have been drinking it for over 30 years. I only drink coffee, water and tea. Have never had soda. Had a taste a few times and it just gags me. I used to drink milk but rarely do that anymore. I have very low blood pressure and I can drink espresso-double iced and still go right to sleep. I just like the taste of coffee. Have never used cream or sugar in it and none of the flavored coffees. Just cold black coffee!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,449
10/8/13 11:59 P

I love my coffee. I use real sugar, but if you like splenda then there isn't a problem with it.

Artificial sweeteners give me cravings and make me ravenously hungry. It doesnt do that to everyone

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10/8/13 11:03 P

I love my coffee, I say I use it as my de-stresser too, not only as my morning wake-me-up. When I am stressed I want a coffee, like smokers want a cigarette. I drink 3-16 oz cups a day, but before you freak, I use 1 k-cup per cup of coffee. I don't count it towards my water. I do count de-caf tea and water.

I drink mine with raw sugar. I gave up artificial sweeteners, real cream, and flavored creamers a few years back after I realized I was having an allergic reaction. I was half deaf (or seemed that way) because my ears were stuffed up and ringing none stop, I was ready to rip my jaw line off because it was itchy.

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
10/8/13 9:54 P

I need a cup of coffee to wake me up in the mornings, but that's usually it for the day.
I love coffee and I take it black. I also love coffee flavored items

ERINTFG SparkPoints: (45,448)
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Posts: 563
10/8/13 8:48 P

I usually have a cup in the morning and one in the afternoon.

I love coffee.

I wish I could drink it all day.

But instead I drink water. LOL

MAMODIO Posts: 452
10/8/13 8:45 P

I drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon as a pick me up instead of grabbing a candy bar.

COPPERFIRE952 Posts: 139
10/8/13 8:01 P

I use coffee with flavored creamer as an early afternoon "treat" or craving buster. When I want a big chocolate candy bar, I can have a cup of coffee instead with a single serving of creamer for ~50 calories vs. the 200+ I'd bust on a candy bar!

10/8/13 2:59 P

An 8 ounce cup of coffee can "count" as a beverage for the day. Good ole plan water is an important drink to include daily; but coffee, tea, juice, milk, diet drinks---all help to meet fluid needs.

I also referenced a 400 milligram caffeine limit as a health guideline to follow for the healthy adult. Not sure what is in a shot; but my professional guess would be that 20 of these would exceed the health recommendation. Thus one could experience the dangers of caffeine excess--rapid heart rate, increase blood pressure, anxiety, unable to sleep, etc. I never stated that one could not abuse coffee/caffeine---but it can also be a part of a healthy diet with no risks.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/8/13 2:18 P

Becky, you must not be from the Northwest! I know people who drink enough espresso (20+ shots in a day) to indeed have coffee-induced medical problems. It is possible to drink that much.

Is the dehydrating effect not the reason why coffee does not count as part of our daily liquids?

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (264,296)
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10/8/13 1:43 P

Coffee is a "comfort" food for me! I enjoyed a wonderful cup this AM...made to order with my first shot of peppermint for the season. emoticon
Peppermint is such a simple pick-me-up when it's rainy & dreary outside.

10/8/13 12:44 P

Caffeine is only dehydrating is excessively high amounts (also known as medicinal amounts). The amount consumed in coffee as a beverage does not bring about a dehydrating effects. This is a myth from long ago. Coffee with caffeine is still a hydrating beverage.

All artificial sweeteners on the market have been extensively tested and shown to be safe for adult consumption. It is a personal choice regarding type to use. But safetly is not an issue.

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AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,293
10/8/13 12:39 P

Coffee is fine and might even have some modest health benefits.

However, anything with caffeine in it is dehydrating, so limiting yourself to just a few cups a day is best.

If you are going to use artificial sweeteners, stick with stevia or Splenda..they are certainly better than the alternatives. I try to use as little as possible.

Have you tried coffee with soy milk? That is my favorite :)

10/8/13 12:38 P

Here are the scientific facts:
1-3 cups (8 ounce cups) of coffee daily is a safe amount. In fact there is some reserach that it my be somewhat beneficial due to the antioxidant content in the coffee. The goal for the healthy adult is no more than 400 mg of caffeine daily and your intake sounds as if it would meet this guideline.

The amount of splenda that you report using in your coffee is also a very low and safe amount.

Bottom Line; ENJOY your coffee.

your SP Registered Dietitian

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (40,972)
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Posts: 1,414
10/8/13 12:22 P

Coffee is not bad at all - I drink anywhere from 2 to 4 cups a day. That being said, and this is my personal opinion, and I believe there is considerable science to back this up, adding the splenda to the coffee is bad. If you can't tolerate it black, consider switching to a nonchemical sweetener (pure stevia, xylitol, coconut sugar, etc.) You can also try using coconut milk or almond milk in place of the lactaid. Also, if you are drinking decaf, see if you can find a Swiss water decaf as the chemical process used in the typical decaf process is not healthy. Personally, I only drink organic coffee as coffee and tea are two of the most heavily chemically sprayed crops in the world.

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ROCCOERZ1 SparkPoints: (1,544)
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Posts: 35
10/8/13 12:06 P

I drink a few cups of Coffee every morning. I only drink it in the morning.. ONLY like rarely if i am at a starbucks in the afternoon or something i get like a coffee drink from there....

So, what i want to know if coffee drinking is bad.. (i put 2 or 3 small packs (splendid) in my coffee as well)? so is this bad? What should i do as an alternative if its bad? I am lactose intolrenant as well... so i put lactatid milk in my coffee.. Is there breakfast smoothies out there or something?? I drink caffiented or decaff coffee by the way

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