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10/20/10 6:58 P

Thats what I did! I used to easily drink 3 beers a night and it was killing me. I went out one night got super drunk and when I woke up in the morn. I decided that I would not drink anymore. Once I got over the feeling of I need it I realized how amazing I felt, how much easier it was to work out etc than I started slowly working it back in. I switched from beer to Crown and Diet coke- each drinks 90 calories so I make sure that if I am going to have a drink that It works into my calories for the day and I only drink on weekends and if we are going out somewhere. Good Luck you can do it!!! and remeber its not for ever just till your sexy and skinny emoticon

RUNNER12COM Posts: 5,441
10/20/10 2:57 P

Hey, what a great idea about adding a separate tracker. Thanks!


WANDERINONE Posts: 4,515
10/20/10 11:57 A

Hi everyone, I put a category of Alcohol on my nutrition tracker so the alcohol calories would not get buried with dinner calories. At the bottom of the nutrition tracker below Snack there is the words "Click to add or edit meals" to click on it and you can name it ALCOHOL. I did it and I started seeing why I wasn't losing any weight.
I thought maybe it would help people if they could track the alcohol calories, help them cut back.

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BJBEAR73 Posts: 157
10/20/10 10:06 A

Although I have been 'bad' lately, I have still managed to lose an additional 3 pounds. No whiskey for 3 days now. Just a lite beer in the evening. Just need to stay away from the whiskey and it helps tremendously. I try to think of how I want to look and live in the future. I want to be healthy and happy. That is a good goal. Thanks everyone for being here.

9/30/10 11:13 A

I have had a bad habit of relaxing with a glass of wine or rum. After I joined the 3 teams (look at my page) I have been together with a lot of people that seem to have the same challenges as I have, and as it seems a lot of you have. The 3 teams are a little different in attitude and style, so depending on my mood I my activity in the 3 teams drift around. But I have found some great friends that have been staying close to me for the last 9 months and has celebrated with me when I was glad, and given me support when it was all drifting for me. I would like you to check these teams out, they have done a difference for my control of my mindlessness and control of my habits just kicking in.

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BJBEAR73 Posts: 157
9/30/10 8:38 A

Hadn't had any whiskey for 2 weeks. Broke down last night and bought some. Oh well, back to the drawing board, although there was more coke in my glass than whiskey. emoticon

9/20/10 7:49 P

RAIDRZFAN, thank you so much for posting this! it's good to see i'm not alone. if i don't have alcohol inthe house i'm good but if it's there...i'm like you dusting a bottle of wine is easy for me and i KNOW it's sabotaging my efforts.

i set a Sprak Streak this week to not drink on work nights...we'll see if i can stick to it. if not, at least i'm aware & trying!

good luck to you! emoticon

LYNHALTINER SparkPoints: (27,217)
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9/20/10 7:34 P

I used to drink a couple of glasses of wine each night now I try to only drink when we go out to dinner I am feeling much better for not drinking so much

BJBEAR73 Posts: 157
9/20/10 3:47 P

I'm on day 6 of no whiskey, just 1 or 2 lite beers in the evening. I don't have much of a taste for beer so it's easy to not drink that much. Then I switch over to my '0' or '5' calorie flavored water. I sleep much better too. I've been tracking my alcohol intake on my 'notes' page. It does help to read what you have done in the preceeding days to keep you going. Let's all keep up the good work!

PHANTY1 Posts: 206
9/20/10 9:50 A

Lots of good support here. THANKS! I drink 2-3 glasses of wine almost every night. I'm not an alcoholic b/c I can stop and I can skip if necessary (on nights I work, for example) but it's not helpful for losing weight. I have started tracking alcohol on my "Other Goals" in SP with a goal that "alcohol will not impact my next day" and it really has curbed intake...I now usually keep it to 2 glasses of white wine. I also measure my wine with a shot glass b/c it's TOO easy to pour a 6 oz glass instead of a 4 oz.

GUITARGAL2 Posts: 1,983
9/19/10 7:23 A

Tomorrow begins week two of my cutting back. I was using alcohol almost every night as a way to de-stress after work. I did not like how quick it became a habit. I only have been drinking 2 lite beers on Friday and Saturday nights.

DAVEINSEOUL SparkPoints: (36,889)
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9/19/10 6:08 A

I used to drink a lot of wine - nothing close to an addiction, but I had no problems putting away one or two glasses away every other night. I thought it relaxed me. Well it did, but it also screwed up my sleep patterns.

So what made me quit? Two things - I think. One, is I wanted to do more exercise, and you can't do a lot of intense workouts if you've had to many the night before - I learned that the hard way. Two, I started drinking a LOT of water. After drinking (water) for about 2-3 weeks, I found my desire for wine almost disappeared.

I will have a light beer every now and then, but that's about it. I don't know, but I've kind of lost my 'taste' for it. But that's just me.

DARKFLAME2009 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,297)
Posts: 1,625
9/18/10 11:45 P

still an issue...i just love beer....buying less might help...and go from there.....2 during the week....and only 3 on weekends (i buy the 500 ml cans) it should be easy to decrease amounts...

BJBEAR73 Posts: 157
9/18/10 9:50 P

Only had 1 lite beer yesterday and only 1 lite beer today (working outside and it was hot). I feel much better. Gotta keep this up - no whiskey! emoticon

9/13/10 11:08 P

I'm not much of a drinker...but when i is frexienet..a sparkling wine and champagne...or a lite beer...but I rarely really isn't a big issue for me.

9/13/10 7:46 P

I drink daily (one or two at the most), but I'm not super picky about my wines and I buy the four packs of 8oz bottles. Only because if a large bottle has been open for more than, say, two days it oxidizes and tastes bad to me.

Maybe single serve portions would help?

BJBEAR73 Posts: 157
9/13/10 2:58 P

I need to establish that goal as well. It was a 'lost' weekend. And yesterday at my dad's picnic I did drink and then when I got home. Not good and I know it. Maybe if I keep telling myself that, and keep having you great guys to keep saying it as well I'll achieve that goal. emoticon

9/13/10 2:50 P

I need to cut back too.

That is my goal this week. I think that I will add that to my other goals. I will not drink during the week and only have a glass of wine or beer with dinner during the weekends.

This weekend will be a challenge but I will do my best. This weekend is my reunion with my girlfriends from college and I am excited and we usually kick the weekend off with wine tasting. Jeez. I guess I will just taste and allow myself to spit as is the norm when tasting.

JGINTX Posts: 493
9/12/10 6:25 P

I have not been drinking thru the week, but have been over-indulging on the week ends. Makes me mad b/c then I am unproductive during the day.

BUZZ780 Posts: 21
9/12/10 2:30 P

I know it's not a huge deal, but for me it feels like a huge deal, I've now succesfully gone two nights without my whisky and while it took a little bit extra to fall asleep I was glad for it!

BAKES3000 Posts: 2,338
9/12/10 2:00 P

I too struggle with drinking, especially after a hard day, where I feel stressed and out of control. I like the idea of only drinking on the weekends. I'm making lots of changes, but that one seems doable! Thanks for the support and encouragement. I don't know why, but sometimes just learning that you are not alone with a concern, makes it seem like I'm not as bad as I treat myself. Thanks again, and good luck to everyone. Together, we can do it! emoticon

WANDERINONE Posts: 4,515
9/12/10 12:11 P

@BJBEAR seems we have the same husband. I spend my evenings watching tv with no real communication. I ask myself is that all theri is in llife is tv every evening. THat would make anyone want to drink. I have been off alcohol for a full day and it wasn't too bad, al little anxious though.

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9/11/10 10:27 P

calories from alcohol add up pretty hugely. i noticed i could fit in another full TWO MEALS on what i would normally drink on a weekend night. i decided - that's pretty messed up.

BUZZ780 Posts: 21
9/11/10 3:07 P

My problem stems from living abroad for a year. I was living in a country that drinking is a huge part of the daily lifestyle and I gained 20lbs in the 11 months I lived there, purely from the alcohol! My favorite drink is a hot whiskey and I find that I have troubles sleeping if I don't have one before bed ( I know, it's really sad) but after entering everything on Sparkpeople I know know how many calories are in my 1 Hot Whiskey and if I feel like I really want one before bed, I make sure I don't have any of my other snacky type foods that evening so I can stay within my calorie count. I know it's not good for me but I love my Whisky!

DARKFLAME2009 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,297)
Posts: 1,625
9/11/10 10:37 A

I have a similar problem...i LOVE beer, and sometimes use it to "self medicate" for my depression and anxiety....

I've made the conscience decision to cut down a night a week (fridays)....this week was my first week not drinking and I was fine....I actually slept better and feel more relaxed....

I think cutting back on any "vices" is good for your health....I'm doing the same with chips....

BJBEAR73 Posts: 157
9/11/10 9:48 A

Well, this is a 'bad' few days for me. Not emotionally, just had a few drinks last night and will probably do so again tonight. I know I should not, but I'll probably cave. If I can just do this on the weekends and not during the week that will help tremendously. It's 'boredom' drinking. My husband doesn't do anything with me, goes to bed early, complains about everything, and so, I sit and watch tv and have some drinks. Bad thing to do, but late at night what else is there? Ok, nuff of that for now. We're all here to support each other.

SMARTY23 Posts: 62
9/9/10 10:55 A

I was well...i will always be haha an alchilic and I did feel the same way how am I gonna feel when I stop...I just had to do it. I actually went homeless and wound up prego and that changed me but what I did to quit was talk to people and keep my mind focused on what I wanted and if I took that one drink what it would hurt. In your case I guess the weight thing. You just have to keep motivated. I actually quit smoking 5 days ago and thats harder than anything I ever did in the past lol. But you can do it! Keep up the good work

BJBEAR73 Posts: 157
9/9/10 9:47 A

One of the people on this board said that they decreased the size of their glass (this was the white wine person). Try that if you 'have to have' your rum n coke in the afternoon (add more coke than rum, add lots of ice). Also, try 'pushing back' the time at which you have your first drink, and then after a bit of time (maybe a week or so) push that time back even further, maybe by 1/2 hour or so. Pretty soon you won't be drinking in the afternoon and may even be cutting the amount you are consuming. If you are 'bored' take yourself out for a walk, go to a movie, or drive to the mall and walk there. You can browse the stores and the time will pass quickly. Keep us posted. We all have 'issues' like you. emoticon

WANDERINONE Posts: 4,515
9/9/10 9:38 A

I like to have a two or three rum n cokes in the late afternoon. I know that I do it out of boredom since my life is somewhat empty due to being on disability and retired etc etc etc. I don't want to live like this, I want to lose the weight but the alcohol is keeping me from doing it. I am trying to cut back or go without on some days but am kind of having a hard time at it. I have just started to cut back so maybe it will take a bit longer than just a few days. So I am giving myself a break on quitting/cutting back. Knowing it will take more time than just a few days.
Any suggestions?

VTSKIER805 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 998
9/8/10 10:11 P

I keep white wine at room temp and serve it over ice in a small glass. It makes me feel like I get more, and I can have about three glasses equal one regular glass.

BJBEAR73 Posts: 157
9/8/10 8:44 A

Back from my Disney vacation. Didn't have a single 'drink' the entire time. Nor did I want one. My girlfriend and I were kept busy running from park to park. Drank a lot of water (it was in the mid-high 90's) to keep hydrated. I did, however, have a beer when I got home last night. After a 2 hour flight where the person in front of my 'laid on my lap', having to sit on the tarmak for an hour to wait out the storm, and the ride home (my girlfriend drives a 'little too close' to the people in front) I felt I deserved one!

9/7/10 9:03 A

I have just spent my first Labor Day weekend as a non-drinker. Big party on Sunday, and I carried a soda around all night. On Monday, when I first woke up, my first thought was "oh, here it comes...". Except the nausea, dizzyness, headache, dry mouth, and general hangoverishness were not there. What a wonderful feeling!

Second bonus - hanging out with the other DD's was really fun! You can convince drunk people to do just about anything, from attempting to do push-ups to singing Neil Diamond. Good times.

MCSMARTASS SparkPoints: (675)
Fitness Minutes: (443)
Posts: 11
9/2/10 12:43 A

I have just started on my weight loss efforts again but I have to say that I have been "saving" calories for my beer. I work my butt off all day and feel that I can "afford" to have a few drinks. I have been drinking the MGD 64 (64 calories per 12oz bottle). My boyfriend says it tastes like spring water but I was able to relax and have fun. The other thing is that since I cut way back on the calories I only need a few to have a "good time". I love the idea about having a drink and then water and then another drink rather than keeping a full drink in your hands all night long. It increases your water intake too and the alcohol is dehydrating anyway. I do have to say that a drink or two isn't going to kill you as long as you are aware of it, plan for it, and pay for it! Maybe making a rule that if you choose to drink that you must do an extra 30 min of cardio the next day. Sure would make you think twice about having a bottle of wine! :) Great topic!!

RAIDRZFAN Posts: 120
9/1/10 9:55 P

Michelle - Thanks so much! That is so good to know. 11 lbs. is great and that was fast. That's the type of info I was looking for. I have to get past Labor Day weekend though. Then there's football season... yeah, I like beer too. :( I'll just have to pick and choose and be selective. Once I get back on an exercise regimen it will help too because I won't want to waste my efforts. I got out of whack after having my little girl.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone! You are all wonderful. emoticon

TERIANA Posts: 297
9/1/10 9:21 P

I have cut down on wine a lot. Now I only drink on weekends and usually 1 or 2 small glasses before or with dinner. If I am at a social event, I have a "rule" that I must drink a full bottle of water before I can have another alcoholic drink. This keeps my hands full so people aren't trying to "top me off" and the dilution of the alcohol allows me to enjoy a drink without losing my inhibitions which inevitably lead to eating way too much of the wrong stuff.

RAIDRZFAN Posts: 120
9/1/10 6:54 P

Thanks all, I think I will cut back and just see how it goes. CJ, that it good to know. It gives me hope. Only thing is, with Labor Day weekend on hand, it will be tough. I will try to at least limit drinks to Fri. & Sat.

To the one going to Disney World, have a GREAT time! It sounds like it will be wonderful. Say hi to Mickey for me!

9/1/10 6:10 P

I like alcohol too... beer, wine and rum usually on deck. But i have cut down alot, my tolerance is down.... cut back, see how it works

CJARRET11 Posts: 193
9/1/10 5:07 P

Wow, RAIDRZFAN and so many others of you, I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one!

My solution so far has been to cull my drinking so that I only drink on Fri. & Sat. night and I only have one bottle of wine (or one 6 pack) in the house during that period. It was hard at first, but it's definitely helped...

BJBEAR73 Posts: 157
9/1/10 7:08 A

I'm glad I found this site! It's nice to know that there are others out there who are 'struggling' with certain bad habits that need to be broken and I'm not alone. It's the 'want' not the 'need' when stuff is in the house.

Anyway, day after tomorrow I head to Disney World with my girlfriend of 40 years for a 4.5 day vacation! I'm sure it'll be great. We haven't done anything together like this since we were teenagers so I'm really getting excited. Especially since she hasn't been to DW in 27 years. I'd take my husband but he hates it there and hates to fly. Anyway the good thing about going is that I won't be near any 'temptations' while we're down there and that's a good thing! emoticon

JACKSMIMI2 Posts: 676
8/31/10 8:52 P

I like to have a couple of glasses of wine at dinner when I'm out w/ friends...but like many others, I cut way back b/c I just didn't want to undo the hard work I'd put in during the week - but that goes for the amount of restaurant food as well as the wine.

But a couple of weeks ago, I have three glasses over a 6-hour period and I was amazed how it hit me like a ton of bricks... I had to be driven home... I was so embarassed I wouldn't even tell my grown daughter what happened b/c I'd never live it down ;)

This has been a great post - I think you're right about doing more w/ it.

RAIDRZFAN Posts: 120
8/31/10 6:54 P

Wow! I can relate to so many of you. Thanks for all your insight and inspiration. I agree that it's best to not have it in the house and that's part of my problem now. If it's there, I want (not need) some. I have a 12 month old baby girl and 9 yo son so I can relate to what PP said about the kids. I know there has to be better ways to deal with stress but I just need to find one that works for me. I definitely need to refrain during the week for starters. I used to do that.

By the way, I think we need a thread on this - like a challenge or something. Not sure how to do that. I've been MIA from SP for quite some time.

Thanks again everyone. Nice to hear from you and know I'm not the only one in this predicament.

Take care!

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BJBEAR73 Posts: 157
8/31/10 2:21 P

I've got somewhat the same problem. Only mine isn't wine it's Black Velvet. If it's not in the house, it's not a problem. However, when it is, I tend to drink it in the evenings. Binge like some of the rest of you and then I'll snack on whatever I can find to graze upon. It's realizing that we need to keep that stuff out of the house, with the exception of maybe the weekends and that way we're not sabbotaging ourselves to a huge extent. It's all about control.

JONEIL513 Posts: 2,001
8/31/10 2:14 P

I used to be a terrible binge drinker. I'd consume over half a days worth of calories in liquor a few nights a week. First I cut down to one night a week and now i barely even do that. I still go out on saturdays and have a few drinks, I consider it my "cheat day" i usually go over by about 300 calories. It has helped my weight loss quite a bit but also my over all health and well being. I can still go out with friends and enjoy a few drinks but not ruin a whole weeks worth of hard work in one night!

You can do this! There are many ways to destress besides a bottle of wine. If you quit for a bit you may find you don't miss it or you may go back to it and be able to have just one glass instead of a bottle!

PBB1961 Posts: 70
8/31/10 10:20 A

Like you, I love to have a glass of wine in the evening. I have two young kids, and by dinner time I figure I deserve it! I have learned that if I have a glass or two I want SWEETS! I cannot tell myself no IF I've had the wine. So, I always overeat on those days. Since I realize this now, it is much easier to say no. Try to find another stress release - take a walk, do something fun.

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ITSAMEAG Posts: 17
8/31/10 10:16 A

Oooh heavens. This aspect of weight loss is one of my most difficult burdens! I have always been a big drinker, and now that I look back on it... it was always slightly problematic. I have wanted to quit cold turkey this summer but haven't fully done it. I believe strongly that cold turkey works from some and not for others.

The one goal that I made and have kept to is, no drinking Monday-Thursday. I know it sounds silly, but I used to always have a glass of wine with dinner. Sometimes 2. Sometimes a bottle. So, I see it as a step forward.

My next goal is to only drink one weekend night. I am working on that one... Good luck to you!!

BJW-FARMGIRL Posts: 2,783
8/31/10 10:04 A

I've never drank much; always said I'd rather eat my calories than drink them! The calories are just too concentrated in such a small volume. Looks like you have your answer. Michelle's doing so good since she cut out most of her alcohol. You go girls! You can do it!

8/31/10 9:15 A

Hi there! I was like you...loving my wine...but it totally was sabotaging me. It's so high in calories - I mean, a bottle of Moscato (my favorite) is about 650 calories. And like you, I find it very easy to finish a bottle without a problem.

So when I decided enough was enough (August 16th), I quit the wine. I do, however, drink vodka and diet pop when and if I go out...and I count the calories, so I still stay within my caloric "budget," which was impossible to do while consuming wine.

Anyway - so far, so good. As of last Friday I was down 11 pounds, so I think I made the right choice. :)

8/31/10 8:48 A

I have a drinking problem. I quit about 6 months ago after what I hope will be my "bottom", because if it gets worse, that is very sad.

In regards to weight and fitness, I've lost about 20 lbs since then and have begun jogging, which I never thought I would do. In regards to life in general, it feels good to be in charge over myself again.

I didn't drink every day, or even every week. But when I meant to have only one drink, I had many and I was out of control. Quitting hasn't negitively affected my life in any way, but when I decided that enough was enough I panicked that I wouldn't like life without drinking. I was scared to take the leap, but it was worth it.

I'm not one of those people who calls everyone who drinks an alcoholic. I know my own experience, and it was probably 3 years ago that I thought I was getting out of control, but I didn't want to make a change back then. I have a feeling that you are testing the water right now. It's okay to be nervous about the future, being nervous about any kind of change is stressful.

Drinking can be a problem without being an addiction, and sometimes you have to just step away. Just like if sausage gives you heartburn, you stay away from sausage. It's all about taking babysteps on the way to good health.

CAROLINAMUSED SparkPoints: (10,420)
Fitness Minutes: (11,136)
Posts: 328
8/30/10 10:21 P

raiderzfan, I think you already know the answer to this one! if it's sabotaging your efforts, AND you know that once you start you have little control - there's a problem.


RAIDRZFAN Posts: 120
8/30/10 9:53 P

Hi everyone,

I know that my drinking is sabotaging me! I like to have wine on the weekends. I guess I feel entitled after a long work week, etc. I even sometimes have some during the week. And usually, when I open a bottle, I can dust it! I know this is killing my weight loss efforts. I guess I need some motivation so I was wondering if anyone has quit or cut way back on alcohol and what their results were. I was thinking of just quitting cold turkey for a couple weeks and see how I feel/look.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate it!! emoticon

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