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MELBA321 Posts: 66
8/24/13 4:30 P

I never heard of that one. I will give it a search! thanks =)

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,350
8/24/13 4:28 P

Have you tried Shocker Absorber? I just bought one and am loving it. Going to get another one.

MELBA321 Posts: 66
8/20/13 4:15 P

Thank you all for the suggestions and recommendations!!! I will definitely try ordering online. I don't gain above my ribcage, so I pretty much always stick at 34 band (or 32 band in some brands), yet cup is DD. This is extremely hard to find in department stores. When they do have them, they sell out very fast. I already have to order online for the majority of my regular bras, but where I go, there aren't many options in sports bras. I dodn't like Champion at all. I did find danskin underwire (they do feel nice), but had to go 36D to get to my closest in size without the girls falling out, and have to use a compression tank style over to eliminate issues from band size. I just want ONE bra style that works for both holding comfortably in place and for some compression. Thank you so much for the links! =)

*didn't not dodn't ...sheesh, I got too late of a start today. lol

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OAKDALE41 Posts: 973
8/20/13 3:57 P

I wear Enell when I am exercising in my home. I won't wear it out because it gives me a really funny shape. when I workout in the gym or go for a run outside i wear a regular bra with a sportsbra on top. That does the trick for me.

LSANGANGE SparkPoints: (10,484)
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Posts: 242
8/20/13 2:49 P

I am currently a 42DDD (Goes up and down as I lose and gain) And i have completed a half marathon. The only sports bra i would recommend is Enell for taking the bounce out of the girls.

SE2832 Posts: 31
8/20/13 1:35 P

The ladies at the barn where I ride horses swear by Enell sports bras, keeps the girls in place even for sitting trot.

Athleta has some nice ones as well.

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
8/20/13 11:45 A

Try I happen to love the Anita, but they offer a bunch of different bras in a huge variety of sizes.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,194
8/20/13 8:12 A

Title Nine is a great place. They aren't cheap but offer a great variety of sizes and support. They list their support in barbells. One barbell is light support and 5 or more barbells are more support.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,747
8/19/13 9:42 P

I have the same problem with a 34 band though my cup size is not that large. I just went with the smaller cup size, but kept the band in a compression sort of style. The girls are a little squished, but it's comfortable to run in. Sports Authority and the like have a bit more selection in the under-36 band sizes, but and other online sources may be your best bet if you have a larger cup size.

8/19/13 9:23 P

Always a proof or me even with a small chest!

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 15,968
8/19/13 7:59 P

the ones are currently have are danskins and I love them. you put them on like a regular bra, not pulled over your head style.

MELBA321 Posts: 66
8/19/13 5:33 P

I'm having trouble finding the right sports bra. I know my size...that's not the issue. My issue is finding one that gives very good support and keeps the "girls" more secure during workout routines. So far, my best bet has been an underwire full support sports bra (but can't find 34 band with my cup, so had to go up in band and down 1 cup size) and then wear another simple tank style sports bra over top. I'm looking for a good brand that has wide range of odd sizes and offer full support for sports wear. Any suggestions?

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