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You can do almost anything. Instead of the traditional veggie tray try adding some peppers in it, or some other non traditional vegetable. Try fruit trays as well. Use a watermelon and fill it with various fruits, you can even make it look like a football. As for the cheese, opt for smaller slices and ones made with 2% instead of whole milk. Chips you can make your own and they would be healthier, same with dip. Football season is a blast, especially for a winning team. Definitely a big football fan here, although mine didn't hold up to expectations. High hopes for next season.

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First of all I want to declare that I am a Detroit Lions fan, and luckily they thought of my diet this season, and lost 12 games so I wouldn't gain weight. Very considerate of them, and I know all of you are jealous of me, right? lol.

You could serve chicken wraps, and have a smaller snack tray. Pita bread, or tortillas with grilled chicken breast strips, some tomatoes, onion, lettuce/spinach leaves, and shredded cheddar cheese. Subway also sells a party platter. 4 - 12" subs cut into 16 - 3" sub portions.

That way, even if they are indulging in a cheese platter, or chips, you could have a pita, or sub. Take small victories. You aren't going to change it all this year. Introduce a few good options, and get rid of the worst, like salty chips, and pop/beer.

Maybe give your family/friends a list of the worst offenders, and a list of healthy alternatives, and let them pick 2 from each category? That way you will have some options, and they will eat healthier.

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I love hummus, but understand why you don't so i won't suggest that.

How about sushi/sashimi trays? Or shrimp?

Large raw veggie trays, with some reduced calorie dips; triscuits and some 2% cheese spreads/cracker-cut cheese.

Chili as a main course.

For dessert: fruit.

Maybe you can minimize the damage a bit...

I'd enjoy this "menu" for a football game spread!

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Ah, got it on the hummus.

One thing that surprised me was that the onion dip I buy at the store, Kroger brand, is only 60 calories for 2 tbsp. Probably not as good as the from scratch version, but it's a good alternative for hummus for dipping veggies etc into. I also know some folks like to mix those ranch seasoning packets with greek yogurt for dipping. I LOVE Ruffles with Onion dip though, so I feel your pain. If it's in the house, I can't resist :)

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I can't stand the texture of hummus, and none of my other friends eat it either...not sure of their reasons!

Thanks for the links! I will check them out...for this week I am having chili which I make from scratch, but if my team does well, I may need to plan for several more celebrations LOL!

Edited to Add: OMG! I just checked the football recipes link and have it bookmarked! You may have just saved my friends from weeks of chili!

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We have people over a lot for sports. Why don't you do hummus? Do you just not like it? That's one of my standbys with veggies, and most people, especially the women, really like having something lighter. Last year for super bowl I made tacos from ground elk/ground beef, but they can be made pretty light if you use things like chicken and corn tortillas, and pico de gallo salsa. You can even make the chicken in the crock pot with salsa on it, one of the top recipes on is for salsa chicken in the crockpot. Here's also some other things that work that are healthy, but even people who like unhealthy stuff will eat:

I served these without the red pepper dip and they were tasty. You could put out ranch or something for people who want to dip them.

Also, these aren't SUPER healthy, but everyone LOVES them whenever I make them. They're actually good because you can just eat one or two "triangles" and leave the rest for everyone else:

I would also encourage you to check out the Football Recipes section on She has a ton of great ideas!

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Okay, my team made the playoffs which means football parties while we cheer them on. I really need suggestions for good, healthy football foods other than the typical veggie trays, chili and baked chips with salsa.

Our crowd likes to try new things, even though they love the old standbys of chips and dips...I am just starting back at the nutritional eating thing, and just don't want chips and my mom's yummy onion dip in the house (my one true weakness).

We don't do hummus, we are huge cheese eaters, and we do enjoy chicken, seafood and beef. I need ideas for larger quantities that are appealing to seriously picky teenagers as well as adults who are used to high fat, high sodium foods.

Please don't send me to the recipe section on here unless you know a specific recipe...I struggle finding things I want in the recipe section!

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