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5/10/14 5:52 P


9/19/13 9:15 P

In my house, my hubby is the widower...He has started watching some football with our daughter and I. She and I both love football, but of course not the same team. But when a game is on, that is when he gets caught up on something he wants to do

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,845
9/19/13 8:57 P

I am sorry I cannot help the women here, I love me some football, I am a football fan from wayback, i guess im showing my age here, but i can seriously recall watching the superbowl between the dallas cowboys and pittsburgh steelers, in 1979, at age 11.
my family were not big football fans, but we had a neighbor who was and didnt get the channel.
i have been hooked since.
i watched and followed the cowboys most of my life, and became a peyton manning fan, turning me onto the colts, and now the son is still a huge cowboys fan, and for christmas last year i got him tickets to see them play the cincy bengals, which is the closest arena to us.
my man likes the bengals, we are all football fans here, i have colts license plate on the front of my car, tshirts, necklaces, etc, and even a pair of knee socks, denver broncos i wear when i walk in winter.

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9/19/13 8:43 P

I have a new plan for this season...I've been psyching my girls (3 and 7 years old) up about how much the LOOOVE football. Then, I'm going to leave them with their dad and I'll go out and get some "me" time. He has an idyllic picture in his head of how awesome it will be when his girls grow up liking football. I'm not sure he realizes that it's going to take him six hours to watch a single game while answering a billion kid questions. "Why are they in a line? Did they start yet? Why are they stopping? Who is winning? What's that red thing? Who is that (random fan in the crowd)? Why did he kick it? Why did he throw it? Why is he sweating?..."

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9/19/13 2:31 P

OBIESMOM2: Join Red Sox Nation! Good and rowdy at Fenway. You'd fit right in. :D

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9/18/13 10:45 A

baseball is my sport. We've been going to Braves games all of my life. But I'm a rowdy sports fan, and the Braves stands are really quiet. You get dirty looks when you make too much noise.

DH is a lifetime Falcons fan. Now there's a place I can be loud! One of the games we attended, the guys behind us offered to pay for season tickets if DH would bring me every time. I had a blast!

sometimes I'll watch games with DH, sometimes I do my own thing. I even remembered to record Sunday's Falcons/Rams game for him because he was in the air during game time


9/17/13 11:27 P

LOL - when the kids were small it bothered me more, because I spent my Sunday's getting everyone ready for the week while DH had a day "off" - not really about football, but about how we get to spend our days not working. I didn't get a day to follow a hobby. I did get to participate in playoff games for all sports, but no way on regular games.

As the kids got older I went golfing with female friends at whatever time the team was playing. Now that the kids are grown and we don't have a golf membership anymore, I can watch whatever games I want but still have to decide if I really want to invest that much time in TV. So far DH has kept me current on the Pats without much time investment.

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9/17/13 11:14 P

I have occasionally during college football Saturdays watched games from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Of course, I take some time out here and there. Just the same, and especially during conference playoffs and bowl season, I am a college football-a-holic. I also watch some NFL action, just not nearly as much.

Does my wife watch football? Occasionally, but seldom an entire game. What does she do?

She is a quilting addict. Quilting! Quilting! Quilting!

It works great for both of us!

SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 18,496
9/17/13 9:52 P

My wife works on her knitting project while I watch a game.

GARDENDIVA2 Posts: 612
9/17/13 4:27 P

I have to say, I am with PattyJohnson and Berry4. My Mom taught me at a very young age that it is good when Dad goes golfing (as much as he wants). Then Mom can do what she wants to do.

I could care less about sports. I have watched a hockey game or 2 but that is it for me.

PTREE15 SparkPoints: (8,292)
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9/17/13 12:22 P

I'm female and I love football. My friends and family know that I don't make plans for Sundays except for watching football :D They can join me if they like (and they usually do ;).

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9/16/13 10:15 A

I like football much more than my husband so we'd be the opposite - I watch and he does something else and is what, a football widower?

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
9/16/13 10:05 A

My husband likes to watch when the 49ers play, but he doesn't watch every game. It's fine with me when he watches and I'll sit down on the couch with him and read/watch a little. Some men take it too far, though, IMO. They seem to always be watching and they get all worked up about things as if life depends on who wins or loses these games. Their wives and families take second place to their football. I actually do find this ridiculous and I wouldn't have ever married a man who acted this way.

My take on football...I like to watch a little and it's nice when "our" favorite team wins. But, it's just a bunch of men running around in tight pants and padding and bashing away at each other over a ball. A bit silly when I think about it. BUT...What I find really disturbing is the overweight/obesity rates among football players. They are pressured to be bigger. Well, human beings can only gain so much muscle and, after that, if you want to be "bigger" then it's just fat that you are gaining to be bigger. A bunch of the players are over 300 lbs and, yes, they are obese. It's not just muscle. Overall, a lot of the NFL players are overweight/obese. You just have to look at them to see it. Personally, I think we need to impose some weight limits on football players (e.g. 275 lbs upper limit).

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9/15/13 11:24 P

I make it fun, and sit down and watch with my hubby!!!!

KAYAHSLOANE1 Posts: 10,478
9/15/13 10:59 P

I'm a female and have watched all sports, mainly football, since I was 12 so I've made a few men who disliked sports widows on Sundays, Saturdays and Monday night lol. It happens with baseball playoffs and the World Series as well. I'm just a sports junky and no more men who don't like sports for me~

LADYBIRD82 Posts: 1,700
9/15/13 8:43 P

If you cant beat them join them.. We both love football Sunday emoticon Touchdown.

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9/15/13 8:13 P

Online Now  • ))
Everyone gets to decide how to "frame" what is in their space.

9/15/13 7:55 P

Go Rough Riders!!!!

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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9/15/13 4:05 P

Ridiculous......we love football here especially college ball! No football widows or orphans in this house definitely!

CANDACEMM Posts: 1,218
9/15/13 3:58 P

I love football. My husband and I watch the games together and play in two fantasy football leagues together. However, I am a fishing widow. If its warm enough to go fishing, my husband fishes.

ANNETTE117 Posts: 2,627
9/15/13 2:54 P

I absolutely love football!

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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9/15/13 1:11 P

LOL, it can be great except when you want or need the fanatic to do something!

Hubby and I both like football but he is a little more nutso about it. We can't go anywhere or do anything if his team is playing!

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
9/15/13 12:35 P

Is it football season?

FHAWK85 Posts: 16
9/15/13 11:58 A

Yes and unfortunately the whole town knows when a certain team plays because he yells at the t.v. LOL

9/15/13 11:34 A

Not only do I love and watch football (we are seeing two of our favorite teams this year live), but I also love and watch golf! That's double lucky for my husband!

And hey, what are those widows complaining about anyway -- they can go off and do their own thing with or without their friends, and hubby won't complain! It's a win-win situation.

emoticon emoticon

SUSAN727 Posts: 1,880
9/15/13 11:04 A

I like football myself but I'm sure it's not something for everyone.

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9/15/13 11:02 A

I have known a few. I am fortunate that my wife likes football.

9/15/13 10:37 A


I overheard a woman at work last week complaining about getting ready to be a football widow with the start of the NFL season.

That's ridiculous.........right?, really........ridiculous......c'mon, it is isn't it?


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