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1/18/11 10:33 A

Pics? haha j/k

Sounds fun though! We always do a March Madness bracket and fantasy football league here at work. It's pretty fun and I think its a good way to have a relationship with a co-worker that isn't work involved.

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1/16/11 3:52 A

Hot chick in a hot tub, I'm in. Just don't tell my wife. emoticon

1/15/11 10:45 A

We're taking votes and then going to the hot tub afterwards, WITH the hot chick!

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1/15/11 10:11 A

Poll or Pool?

1/14/11 10:45 P

Have fun with that.

1/14/11 5:22 P

So I'm running a football poll at work. It's all good, I've assumed nothing and went right to the boss and asked him first. he said okay but don't be blatant about it as there ARE some "fun suckers" in the ranks that would complain. True enough, there are several I NEVER ask about for fear of the getting thumped on the head with a Bible.

That said, I made a 10x10 graph, sold each box for 2 arabica beans/box and got about 70 ppl to participate and filled all 100 boxes. I work with a lot of women and asked most of them if they'd like to participate. many did and several didn't. Almost ALL of them asked how it worked. So I told them; when all the boxes are filled I will randomly put single digits 0-9 on the top line (Steelers) and on the left side (Ravens). I told them at the qtr they check their numbers that intersected and if it's a match they win. Same for the half, third and final (25-50-25-100 payout in arabica beans).

This one young women (gorgeous knockout) said she'd play but asked what if one of the teams scored higher than 10 points?


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