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10/13/11 1:15 A

Thanks all....

Funny thing... I went to walk on my trad mill yesterday. I put the new socks and running shows on... it feels all "Lumpy" at the base of my toes. But when I look and touch, I don't see or feel anything.

I still did walk, but only 2 miles.

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10/12/11 10:51 P

Good info SergeantMajor. Thanks

10/12/11 10:26 P

Thank you SERGEANTMAJOR for the valuable info. I will give it a try tomorrow. Good thing those items are regular household finds.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

10/12/11 1:54 P

Online Now  • ))
Blisters are functional second degree burns caused by friction which is preventable.Body Glide is expensive, Vaseline is cheaper and provides the same function. Proper shoe fit which allows no sliding movement of the feet will prevent blisters since there will be no heat producing friction. Another old infantry man's trick is to wear nylon anklets under regular socks which should never be cotton.

You can overpay for "running socks" at a running shoe store or get 90% poly socks at WalMart for less. They carry the Started brand in all lengths.

The prevention formula is proper fitting shoes and good quality socks. Prevent friction from sliding producing heat and you will get no blisters.

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10/12/11 1:53 P

At 4 miles I can feel the pain... by 5 miles I get the blisters.

I was going to go walk the 4 -5 miles today, but it is pouring outside... I may go on my treadmill... I hate that thing, tho.

10/12/11 1:09 P

I got to check that out..."Running Socks". My blisters from almost 2 weeks ago is finally healed. Time to get the new tennishoes back on and break them in.

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10/12/11 11:19 A

I used to get blisters all the time then I went to a running store and bought running socks and No More Blisters emoticon

10/12/11 10:56 A

I have a question. You say it only happens on the days you walk 4-5 miles? does it happen at 4 or only when you push to 5? My first thought would ofcourse be the shoe/sock combination. Its also possible, pushing it that far is simply too much for your feet at this point. why not make day two a three mile day for a few sets and see what happens.

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10/11/11 11:55 P

Anti-perisperant really does work. I told some of my military friends and they say it works even after they hike for long distances.

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10/11/11 10:19 P

AWESOME! I wish you well! Sounds like you are ready to take on the world!

Coach Nancy

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10/11/11 10:13 P

Thank you.... I went today to a place to buy new shoes.... Fleet Feet.... We spent an hour getting, hopefully, the right shoes. And I bought 3 pairs on the socks you described. Hopefully it helps. :)

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10/11/11 9:52 A


Blisters are caused from two things: moisture and friction.

Wearing wicking socks, these are made of a special material that wicks sweat and other moisture away from the feet, are a must.

Also make sure your shoes are the proper size for walking. I, as a runner, wear a shoe a whole size up from my normal street shoes. Remember as we walk our feet will swell, especially if it is warm outside.

Just remember too, that some people are more prone to blisters, therefore Body Glide or petroleum jelly may help.

Coach Nancy

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10/11/11 9:13 A

I have found 2 things to help prevent blisters: double socks and anti-persperant.

Make sure your soscks are SNUG so they don't move on your feet (I like Jockey) and put another pair on top, it will help with friction

Apply anti-persperant to the spots that are prone to blisters. There is a product called 'Glide', but deodorant is cheaper. It also helps with friction plus cuts down on persperation.

I used to get horrid blisters on the back of my heels from walking.......these two things stopped them from forming.

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10/11/11 1:05 A

Three weeks ago I started walking...... basically this is my schedule:

day 1 ... walk 2 miles

day 2 walk 4 - 5 miles

day 3..... take the day off

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Every day that I walk 4 -5 miles I end up with blisters or almost blisters on the ball of my foot. I have nice comfortable Rockports for walking. I have sport socks.

I was hoping that after 3 weeks my feet would have toughened up by now, but nope.

Should I expect them to toughen up? I don't think it is the shoes.

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