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5/18/13 12:11 P

Thanks, Michelle. I need to research all of the names of sugar alcohols to be able to identify them. I appreciate your input.

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5/17/13 11:22 P

I would also advise avoiding sugar alcohols.

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5/17/13 3:58 P

Thanks for the input, Coral....I'm trying

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5/17/13 3:30 P

Don't eat processed foods and you won't have this problem.

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5/17/13 2:31 P

cheetara, thanks for the info....
however, the sweetener in the creamer is high fructose corn is the first or second ingredient listed in the ingredients.
I will be on the lookout for other sources of sugar. Thanks for the input.

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5/17/13 2:27 P

Sugar-free usually means no added sugar. Certain foods have naturally occurring sugars. The sugar in your creamer could be lactose, a naturally occurring sugar that is found in all dairy products such as milk or yogurt.

CHUBBYNOMORE3 Posts: 2,084
5/17/13 11:29 A

Thanks for the info. Didn't mean to say that they are meaning to be sneaky (I edited my first post), but don't want any sugar to "sneak" by me, lol.

Reminds me that if the fat content is 1.5 and all that is listed only adds up to 1%, some of the rest may be in trans fat!

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5/17/13 11:19 A

Foods need to only be counted if they contain a certain % of the ingredient. If it falls below the percent they can call it "free". Nothing sneaky - just the current regs/laws..... It is why being informed is important.

CHUBBYNOMORE3 Posts: 2,084
5/17/13 11:02 A

I was looking at the International Delight coffee creamer minis and most have 5 grams of sugar. Found one (vanilla flavored, I think) that says sugar free. In the list of nutrition facts it said no sugar. Read the ingredients list and it has high fructose corn syrup as the first or second ingredient. Let's take a look at the ingredient labels and anything that says sugar, malt, or ends in"ose" is sugar. There may also be other ways to list sugar that are not obviously sugar...I will check into that and if there are any, will put them here.

Oh, my. Researched this thing and at found a list of 50 ways to put sugar in ingredients list. Some are obvious, but some very misleading, imho. In addition to the ones listed in the first paragraph, anything that has sugar, syrup, fruit juice or fruit juice concentrate, cane juice or cane juice crystals, caramel (which is made from sugar and butter), Dextran, diatase, ethyl maltol, honey, malodextrin
molasses, panocha, sorbitol, or treacle is sugar. There may be other ways, too. If you find another, please add to the list.

I haven't stopped eating sugar, but surely want to know where it is in my diet.

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