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TEACHERDICE SparkPoints: (6)
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Posts: 807
5/31/11 7:44 P

I agree that split pea soup looks bad but it is delicious.

SEXY12SEXY SparkPoints: (0)
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5/31/11 7:41 P

split pea soup, oatmeal,

JELLYKNEES SparkPoints: (10,293)
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5/31/11 7:37 P

Okra is ribbed, hairy and seedy to look at but is sweet and crunchy deep fried. I love it.

JELLYKNEES SparkPoints: (10,293)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1,573
5/31/11 7:35 P

Beef tongue comes to mind. My mom cooked, peeled and had it sliced before we came home from school. I was ten before I knew that tongue wasn't "boneless beef". It's delicious but disgusting to look at while cooking. She knew we would never eat it if we had a clue what it was.

BRENDAG75 Posts: 145
5/31/11 7:23 P

My mom used to call different things "Duluth food". Thats where we both were born and raised, and there is definitely a "culture", in my family at least! One example would be "hot dish", which is pretty much pasta with whatever mixed into it, or fried potatoes with hamburger and onions, maybe leftover toast tossed in...kinda strange but soooo good! ( Nasty for the bod tho!)

YANKEEGAL16 Posts: 1,480
5/31/11 7:13 P

Guacomola (I know that is wrong spelling). I know it can be fattening but acocados are good for you. That stuff can look oh so disgusting but I love it. I agree with calamari - so gross looking but I love it too.

Fitness Minutes: (546)
Posts: 28
5/31/11 6:53 P

Superfood odwalla looks so grose but tastes so yummy and it has all the good stuff in it!

KATHAKU Posts: 1,156
5/31/11 5:51 P

I could say a really poorly made burger, but that's not healthy..

You know, most healthy food I make tends to look amazing. *brags* Presentation is important to me though.

5/31/11 5:17 P

I was reheating my black bean bacon soup for lunch today and marveled at how something so yummy and nutritious could LOOK so disgusting. What other foods can you come up with that look gross but taste good? I've gotta say soft shell crab and calamari look pretty freaky, too, but I love eating them!

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