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3/6/14 7:23 A

I too like the publication.
It is several years old; but the content is very useful.
I use several of the recipes often with my family.


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3/5/14 8:45 P

Healthy finds that I can often find for a good price:

frozen veggies
chicken breast
produce at aldi's

FRUGALISTA54 Posts: 260
3/5/14 8:44 P

Whata great publication from the US Dept Agriculture! I downloaded it in PDF and it is handy to keep on my iPad when I prepare my menus for the week. Thanks for the link Becky!

3/5/14 8:18 P

Do you like beans and lentils? If you buy those in their dry form, you can make tasty soups with just an onion, some carrots and celery, and some water (mixing the water with dry chicken soup base makes it more flavorful.) Adding a soup bone makes it tasty. Legumes have lots of protein and fiber which keep you full and prevent a crash in energy later, which might help keep you feeling good mentally and emotionally. Eggs are also a good source of protein that isn't too expensive. Adding some vegetables and a little cheese can make it a meal.

You don't want to skimp on calcium-rich foods if you have osteoporosis. I would watch for sales on yogurt and cheese. If you buy plain yogurt in a big container you can sweeten it yourself and save money. Like the link Becky provided said, buy fresh fruit and vegetables when they're in season to save money, or buy frozen bags of vegetables or fruit and take out what you need. I know ramen is cheap, but it's really not nutritious. At least if you eat ramen, add a handful of frozen vegetables and an egg and boil them with your soup to add nutrients.

3/5/14 7:33 P

A healthy diet is what you need.
Check out this link to thrifty meal plans and recipes.
Would any of these ideas work for you??

Your RP Registered Dietitian

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3/5/14 6:22 P

I don't have a lot of income, I am basically poor but I would like to see how i can change my diet if it's not too expensive. I usually spend $50-$60 a week on food. I have been eating oatmeal a lot for breakfast (Getting sick of it to be honest lol). But I hear it's good. Anyway, I am on a frozen dinner kind of diet, not the best, and sometimes I get Ramen noodles, bad I know but I was wondering, what can I do to change it up a bit?

What foods like fruits, veggies, etc. would be good for me since I have depression/anxiety and I do have osteoperosis. So I would like something good for bones and teeth too and anything healthy in general of course :)

I do take the GNC Multi Vitamins (Women's). I do tend to get low Vit D sometimes :/

As for snacks I usually get those oat/fruit bars or yogurts.

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