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BONNIEMCC488 Posts: 6,800
7/8/14 12:19 A

I didn't do anything differently last month and don't plan to in the months to come. Whatever your body gained due to TOM should come off shortly after it's over. I do hate the gain but know that it's natural.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,418
7/7/14 3:02 P

I don't really do anything different. I still gain a little though

7/7/14 2:36 P

Like others, I think it can be an excuse so I just stay on track. I already watch my sodium. I do weigh myself every week and know the scale will go up a couple pounds. it will come back down so i don;t stress about it.

NSKYLINE115 SparkPoints: (50,453)
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Posts: 808
7/7/14 2:03 P

ALL I WANT TO DO TODAY IS EAT!!!! I woke up at 3am and made myself an egg salad sandwich emoticon

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
7/7/14 10:57 A

Your best bet for that time is to reduce your sodium intake (avoid processed food, junk food, frozen dinners, etc) and drink more water. This will help reduce the water weight gain amount, but really does not eliminate it. I used to gain 5-6 pounds, now I gain 1-3.

You can add sodium to your tracker. For those without sodium related health issues, the amount is 2300 per day. If you wish to experiment, the week before try to keep it around 1500-1800.

If you cannot deal with seeing the inevitable increase on the scale, don't weigh at that time.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,771
7/7/14 10:32 A

I also just eat as I normally would and don't worry too much about the scale. I also try to make sure that I get my exercise in as well, though I may go a little less intensely as I tend to be very low energy during that TOM.

7/7/14 10:28 A

I NEVER weigh myself the week before my TOM. I retain a few pounds of water right before and it always goes away right afterward. My breasts go up a full cup size!

Since I make pretty much all my food from scratch I eat fairly low salt, but if I'm craving it I will add more to my food. I always drink lots of water and I like to eat lots of dark chocolate before my TOM. emoticon

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
7/7/14 10:25 A

Personally, I don't do anything differently. I do tend to hold on to a bit of extra weight/fluids the week before and week of my time of the month, but after that, it drops off naturally.

NSKYLINE115 SparkPoints: (50,453)
Fitness Minutes: (1,256)
Posts: 808
7/7/14 10:11 A

So i've read during your TOM your body tends to retain more water, causing bloating and even weight increase. Should you avoid salty foods during that week, or eat certain foods, drink more water to help reduce that bloating feeling? (Water makes me feel even more bloated)

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