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I used to put it in the unit that it was listed as, however recently I have been using nothing but ounces, I may switch to grams once I get my favorite scale fixed...I think that if you have a scale that does every gram and doesn't round up then that is what I am going for. I change all the time on this it is just however I am feeling at the time I weigh my food, you come to figure out what you like best.

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6/10/13 7:50 A

my preference is to enter the amount given on the nutritional label, rather than one serving.

For instance, if the label says the serving size is 300 grams; that's what I'll enter.
Then, when I weigh it, and it weighs more or less; I can enter that, and the SP calculator will give me the right nutritional amount

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And then weigh your food before you eat it. :)

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If you want it as accurate as possible, use the actual measurement as listed on the package. If it's 22 grams per serving, that's what you enter.

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I like to manually enter all my food I eat for my favorite list. when I manually enter the food there is a place to mark for servings before I enter the nutritional values from the product label. My question is when I get to servings when I manually enter the food is it better to mark 1 serving or to enter it as 1 Tbsp, 3 oz., or 15 grapes, or 1/4 cup as an example of whatever it might be. I am really confused as how to mark my serving so it comes out right when I track my food daily. I want my calorie count as accurate as possible.

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