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1/26/13 10:16 A

Thanks. Everyone's ideas are very helpful.

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1/26/13 10:15 A

I will often look up "homemade" this or that. While I don't get a list of the ingredients, I have a pretty good idea what people put into chilli con carne for example. Same with "homemade meatloaf" or homemade minestrone soup. Many people have their recipes here and it is helpful to me.

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1/26/13 8:05 A

here is a link to the recipe calculator

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1/26/13 6:24 A

Hi, Grammy!

I put all the individual foods in the tracker as a grouping. It comes out as one big serving, but I calculate that, say, if it takes me two dinner meals to eat the whole serving, it was okay that I guess-timated that I ate .5 of a serving each night.

As a case in point, I make a big salad Sunday afternoon. MAke pretty much the same salad every time. I have this as a grouping. I eat it every night that I'm working at the library on my break, Mon thru Thurs. So I track that I eat a .25 serving each night.

I do that sort of thing with a lot of my favorite soups, too, which I cook a lot.

Hope that you give it a try!

All the best!

Liz Kelly

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1/26/13 5:07 A

i heard there's a recipe calculator that helps (you put in what you put in, it tells you what each serving is).
I have the opposite problem. When I eat stuff from home, I can roughly guesstimate how much I ate and put in the ingredients individually. When I go out, since I live outside the US at the moment for school, no one knows how much is in their ______ around here. Lunches out with friends are killing me in the guesstimation department.
I think the lunch I had with a friend yesterday (lunch/dinner, really... I had a light breakfast before that and once I got home I didn't want to even think of food) spark people guesstimated it to be about 1100 calories. I'm dubious as there was a *lot* in that silly lunch set (green tea, soup, smaller than full price main course,12 pieces of sushi, desert)... though in EU portions (what a waiter brings you when you order _____) are still smaller than the US.
I basically found a chicken terriyaki veggi bowl for the main course (it was terriyaki chicken on veggies/salad with a scoop of rice), a mixed sushi set for the sushi (200g sounded about right, 6 of the 12 rolls were those tiny things with rice + bit of fish, 2 nigiri and 4 reg slices off a cali-like roll, but I'm bad at weights), miso soup for the soup (couldn't find the actual one but it was still light... though it had a crab stick in it), and a tempura banana for the desert though we got 4 banana slices and 2 slivers of apple (they didn't have any green tea ice cream left, so we tried that -_-; )

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1/25/13 8:10 P

I don't seem to have a problem tracking foods I eat for breakfast and lunch, but when I make home cooked meals for dinner, I have a harder time tracking the nutritional values for my meals. Any ideas?

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