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1/15/14 11:47 P

Yep, I think that pops up automatically when you've entered 10 items--nothing to do with calories or other nutrients. Your calorie range set so that you'll lose weight according to the goals you entered.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/15/14 7:09 P

It happens to me every day because I make almost all of my food from scratch, so I have to enter in a lot of ingredients.

I think it's simply counting the number of things you have entered, as opposed to caloric number?

1/15/14 7:09 P

Thank you, also, CORAL. I do have a goal set. I have a fear of setting myself up for failure.

1/15/14 7:07 P

Thank you. I wasn't sure. I tend to track by ingredients a lot of the time. Seems easier for me, even if it does take longer. I also tend to do the manually enter food myself option.

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1/15/14 7:04 P

I hate that "are you done tracking?" pop up. Like Bunnykicks, I am also never done tracking when it asks that. I mean, I haven't even entered dinner yet and only have like 700 calories on my tracker for the day. I wish Sparkpeople would get rid of it! The calorie range you are given should be for weight loss as long as you put in a goal that you want to lose X amount of pounds before X date.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
1/15/14 7:02 P

No, that "are you finished tracking?" popup just pops up automatically every so often. Perhaps after a certain number of entries. I am NEVER done tracking when it pops up (i tend to track individual ingredients so my tracker is LONG).

Just ignore it, and aim to get your calories in/near your "calorie range" for the day.

1/15/14 6:58 P

Can someone please tell me if the allotted amount of calories on the food tracker for maintaining weight or losing? When I track my food, sometimes it will still say up to 500 calories left over and then a pop up will show up asking me if I'm done tracking for the day. It's not happened many times, but it makes me feel like I've overeaten when it does happen. I know this is silly, but I don't want to sabotage myself.

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