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7/12/14 5:14 P

Food I have eaten is not available in the search like organic quiche with no crust or cheese. How do I make it easier?

First you can skip using the word organic unless it's part of a brand name. Organic aples will have the same calories as conventional apples.

I just typed in crustless quiche and got one item on my tracker (not including member entries). If it is something you purchased, before committing you can compare the nutrient label to the one on your package. If it's the same, go ahead and select it.

If you made it from scratch, then enter all the items in the recipe calculator or check to see if your recipe is already there..

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7/12/14 3:46 P

If there's a limit on Favorites, I can't imagine what it would be. My list is *hundreds* of items long because I've entered all my meds and supplements there in addition to many foods. Some of those "foods" are raw ingredients I simply want to be able to pull out when I make recipes.

As to the quiche, it's easier to just save your own recipe. Yes, it's a bit of a bother the first time, but after that it's a simple thing to just click it into your daily tracking.

I use Groupings, too. Most of those are my meds and supplements, but I do have a few things I eat frequently, and those are in there too. Saves having to do the individual additions from my Favorites list.

The Tracker here is probably my most appreciated feature. Once you've got a good working knowledge of it, you really can't beat it.

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7/12/14 3:34 P

I did not know there is a limit on your favorite list, could you tell me what the limit is

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7/12/14 11:55 A

If you are cooking your own food a lot, you can make recipes at, and then add them to your nutrition tracker and save them to your favorites. As long as you aren't freestyling your cooking too much, it's pretty accurate.

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7/12/14 8:19 A

how you search is important. if you're entering "organic quiche with no crust or cheese" as your search term, you're not going to find anything near what you ate. this database is not set up like google where it gets you as close it can. if you misspell "pizza" "piazza" then no pizza options are going to come up unless another user misspelled it that same way.
so if you had quiche, whatever kind it was, you just need to search "quiche" to see what options have already been entered. just a heads up anything with a user name beside it was user entered and sparkpeople are, as a whole, incredibly bad at data entry. it can be a lot quicker to just enter the info from the package if you have it than to wade through all the entries. so if the quiche came from the store and has the info on the package, that's what i would do. right beside the search button is a link to manually enter a food not listed. if you made the quiche then [which can ale be found under the articles and videos tab] is where i would enter in the ingredients and the yield and once it spits out your nutrition info there is a link right under the label to add it to your tracker for the day.
if you have the meal plans on and want to turn them off, then don't show meal plans is a link right under the totals of the tracker.

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7/11/14 10:24 P

"In my food tracker there are a limited amount of foods listed some which I will not be eating"

Do you mean that there is food already there that you have not eaten? If so, check to make sure that you do not have the meal plan option set.

As far as your organic will need to enter that yourself. If it is something you eat often, save it to your favourites. If you do not know something, go to google and type in "nutrition carrots" or "nutrition walnuts", and figure out the weight. Otherwise, read labels. If you have taken something off of something....well, just do the best you can, i.e package says quiche 400 cals, but I took crust off - me? I'd just figure in the crust and call it a wash and figure I did better than expected that day ... or you could get jiggy with it...figure out how much the crust really is and subtract it...

Quick tip; build your own data base using favourites and groups (groups are: you often have greek yogurt with blueberries and 2 cups coffee with 2 tsp sugar and 4 tsp skim milk for breakfast (that is a group), lunch is often turkey breast on whole grain bread with 1 tbsp. mustard and 1 slice American cheese, etc.).

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So, I missed something somewhere. In my food tracker there are a limited amount of foods listed some which I will not be eating. Food I have eaten is not available in the search like organic quiche with no crust or cheese. How do I make it easier?

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