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Food that isn't worth the Calories?

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2/16/13 10:34 P

most junk food goes without saying, however, one healthy food I have pretty much given up is nuts. I don't feel that a serving of nuts is really worth the calories or fat since they do not fill me up at all. I will have a few as a garnish on occasion or some in a pinch, but for the most part, I don't eat them.

Posts: 189
2/16/13 9:23 P

eating a whole entire chocolate bar :(

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Posts: 349
2/16/13 9:18 P

Whole milk. When I switched to 2 percent it didn't taste different at all, and I recently just bought my first gallon of skim milk yay!!! That cuts out LOTS of calories and 100 percent of the fat.

Also fancy Starbucks drinks. Just make coffee at home. If you like the flavors, sprinkle cinnamon in it, even a teensy bit of cocoa powder.

And one more- potato chips. Start eating pickles instead. It really works, especially the crunchy ones. Even the sweet ones I think are ok and might have a few more calories but certainly not as much calories or fat as actual potato chips.

PS. Never underestimate fat free Pringles. My new favorite.

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2/16/13 7:20 P

most fried foods

Posts: 861
2/16/13 7:11 P

French fries, fried foods, anything with white flour, real sugar, sodas, sugary drinks such as slurpees which I used to love. I stick to as fresh foods and cook my own meats, no frozen meals or fast food for our house. I dont even crave fast food or any of the above anymore. Eating fresh fruits and veggies so much more satisfying to me.

Posts: 6,081
2/16/13 6:30 P

maple bars........are not worth any amount of calories. haven't had one in 3 years.

SparkPoints: (6,341)
Fitness Minutes: (5,730)
Posts: 1,840
2/16/13 3:42 P

Sugar, flour, and grains for the most part.

Posts: 2,292
2/16/13 3:04 P

French fries on any restaurant meal. Cheap filler to make it look like you're getting "lots of food for your money" that often don't even taste very good (but yet, it's hard not to eat them anyways). It kind of irritates me that they are seen as a "side" - often enough they contain as many calories as the "main" - why not get 2 burgers, no fries? Sounds excessive but you'd probably be better off, both nutrition- and calorie-wise.

Though I do like homemade oven-baked fries or yam fries, in moderation from time to time.

SparkPoints: (47,087)
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Posts: 3,116
2/16/13 3:03 P

I am same as SimpleLife, no fast foods, not for a long time now. One time I was a great fan of a double cheeseburger on my way home for supper, but I forbade my car to drive into any of those places, and now, my car obeys me.


Posts: 703
2/16/13 2:47 P

Any kind of fast food. Tastes horrible to me. I haven't eaten it in more than 10 years, with the exception of a veggie sandwich on rare occasions from Subway or Panera. Helps that I don't eat meat but highly processed foods in general just don't taste right to me anymore. Definitely way too salty.

Interesting how your taste buds change with your diet. Wish my taste buds would start disliking chocolate and ice cream. lol

SparkPoints: (15,605)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
2/16/13 2:39 P

While I haven't given it up altogether, I often find bread is just not worth the calories, especially store-bought bread for sandwiches. 200 calories added into a meal for something that doesn't really fill me up just seems like a waste.

SparkPoints: (13,321)
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Posts: 137
2/16/13 2:29 P

Are there any foods that you have completely given up because they simply aren't worth the calories?

For me it was Christmas Cake and Fig Newtons.

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