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1/25/12 11:52 P

Food doesn't burn calories.

Food doesn't burn fat.

There is no 'magic bullet'. If anyone gives you diet advice other than "eat less and move more" they are conning you. Unfortunately, as unappealing as that solution is to most people, it's the only one that works.

There are many ways to approach that solution, eg diets like low-carb are generally balanced and simply have a different ratio of carbs to proteins and fats, but their overal calorie intake is what causes you to lose weight. Every diet that's ever been studied and has been successful has worked because the total calorie intake was lower than the total calories burned. Period.

There's no magic. There's no particular reason any foods in general (like orange juice and whole-wheat bread) are "causing you to gain weight". Barring a few medical conditions, your weight is a direct result of total calorie intake vs total calorie expenditure.

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1/25/12 8:38 P

That diet has several names: Beyond Diet or Diet Solution and on Youtube she goes by lots of different names!

I posted a response here:

Basically, she is not a dietitian and if you look at her videos on the website she says that her program is not complete.

1/25/12 8:22 P

These are some of the generalizations that I find disturbing in the video:
1. orange juice, whole wheat bread, whole grains....are not healthy and are causing you to gain weight. Excessvie calories cause a person to gain weight and this can be from carbs, fat, protein, etc, etc.

2. Insulin does not "cause" you to store fat as simplistically stated in the video. Insulin transports the sugar (from digested carbohydrate foods) from the blood to your cells where it is used for energy by the body. Now if you take in too much food, too much energy than your body is needing---this can be stored as body fat.

3. For most healthy adults, the release of insulin is a well-oiled machine. Releasing the correct amount of insulin to bring blood sugar levels back to the appropriate level. It is not released in such large amounts that people are walking around daily with low blood sugar reactions--as stated in this video.

Dietitian Becky

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1/24/12 9:03 P

There is no such thing as a negative calorie food. You burn fat by moving more to burn off calories.

If you happen to be pre-diabetic or diabetic then my understanding is that carb intake can affect fat storage due to how excess insulin affects fat storage; but I can't exactly remember where I read/saw that so I don't know if it is true.

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1/24/12 8:53 P

Seriously? Can I ask what those inaccurate statements were? It's funny how spinning information sometimes can somehow look convincing still. I guess we should be more careful with the source!

1/24/12 8:46 P

I took a look at the clip provided.
I am sure that the video clip was not put up by our Sparkpeople site. However, a member may have posted it on a thread or blog.

Several inaccurate nutrition statements were in the clip I saw.

Dietitian Becky

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1/24/12 8:29 P

I managed to find part of that video on You tube, but of course under another 'user'. Someone had cut part of it and displayed only few minutes of it...check this out
it's under :

1/24/12 8:06 P

I have checked with several of our SP experts and your request is not "ringing a bell" with any of us. I will let you know if I learn anything more. I will continue to follow this thread should another SP member provide more info on the topic.
So sorry
Dietitian Becky

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1/24/12 2:55 P

Couple of weeks back we all received Spark email with a link to a video of a dietitian duo on how sugar is your number 1 enemy , what foods to eat to help burn calories, and what are the right fats for you....I think the female's name was Jennifer, but I can't remember her partner's name (Jeff-Rob) ...anyway, I thought I saved the Spark email and links to the video so I can go back and watch it (baby needed me) but I can't find them anywhere. I know it's on You Tube too, and I looked but it's no use without the right info.

Can you send me a link or provide me the info I need?
I would greatly appreciate the help.

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