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Food samples at Costco

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Posts: 187
6/24/10 1:06 P

We go to Costco every two weeks for our bulk groceries and I do like that they have tons of samples. I don't try every single sample but I do think it's fun and since it's only once every two weeks, what harm is it? I usually split every sample I get with my 2yr old too so it's not that bad.

Our Costco just opened here and I LOVE IT! Their produce is much better quality than what I was finding in our reg grocery stores and at much better prices so now I can actually afford to stock our fridge with tons of fresh fruit, veggies, and dairy. Love the savings on frozen produce as well. Their meat is much cheaper and better too. The bakery section is very tempting though so I have to skip that section.

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Posts: 1,009
6/24/10 10:21 A

I don't go that often but if I do, yes, I sample the samples.
It's fun!
I eat clean 90% of the time and this isn't going to kill me. Often, if it is a new product, it makes me more aware of not purchasing it. I always check out the ingredients and shake my head.

Life is just way too short to be 100% strict about everything but that's just me. emoticon

Posts: 232
6/24/10 10:14 A

I don't do samples. Not only is that food usually processed and unhealthy, but I don't understand the concept of standing in line for several minutes to get a free morsel of food. My time is more valuable than that.

Posts: 694
6/24/10 1:58 A

I have a Sam's membership and I have found that trying samples save me money. If I don't like the sample I wont waste my money on the product. Instead of buying the product then finding out that I don't like it and I am stuck with the whole thing.

And we have to realize that they are samples, not meals or even a snack. They are just samples and you shouldn't keep eating them just because they are free. Samples have calories too! emoticon

Posts: 428
6/24/10 1:42 A

I try to stay away from the processed stuff. Otherwise I appreciate the samples.

Posts: 671
6/24/10 1:37 A

no Costco mbrshp, but I have tried the samples at Sam's. Like that I can try before I buy.

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Posts: 10,139
6/24/10 1:14 A

I love Costco and have had some great samples there. I normally stay away from the dessert stuff but I do enjoy trying quite a few other items.

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Posts: 103
6/23/10 10:47 P

I try to run in an head straight for the back of the store with the fruits and veggies - avoiding the sample vendors. It's harder with my 5 y/o - he LIVES for the samples!!

Posts: 12,343
6/23/10 10:01 P

I hear ya! I did usually manage to track, and I was eating 300-400 calories of samples most times. I finally figured out what time they put away the samples, and I make myself wait until after they're gone before I do my shopping.

I have to admit, though, that some of my favorite healthy foods are things I never would have tried if Costco hadn't been giving samples. One time they had cereal that had dried blueberries, cinnamon, puffy things, crispy things, twiggy things-- everything I like in a cereal. I read the nutrition info, it was great, so I grabbed a box. It wasn't until I got home that I saw that the name was "Nature's Path Optimum Power Breakfast." No WAY would I ever have bought any food with the word "optimum" or the word "power" in the name if I hadn't been suckered into trying it first! Veggie burgers are another example. I just assumed I hated them until I tried a bite at Costco.

Posts: 15,875
6/23/10 9:46 P

"isn't there just a small part of you that thinks the best part of going there is the food samples?? "


The last two times I was at Costco, I did not sample a thing.
Not worth the calories...
not worth jostling through the crowd.

SparkPoints: (94,467)
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Posts: 12,915
6/23/10 9:41 P

I always look at the ingredients on the package first, and most of the time I'm so grossed out I don't eat the sample.

Posts: 729
6/23/10 9:07 P

LOL I have friends that have gone to Costco for funny "lunch dates" and just go sample crazy for lunch hahaa :) I like trying new things so I do eat some of them if I'm there, but I don't eat anything that I don't really want to try.

SparkPoints: (8,466)
Fitness Minutes: (8,297)
Posts: 1,625
6/23/10 8:04 P

I recently have by passed samples at grocery stores....the calories aren't worth it...and I don't shop at costco

SparkPoints: (40,742)
Fitness Minutes: (30,218)
Posts: 16,787
6/23/10 7:58 P

I don't think the best part is the food samples - other than keeping people out of the aisles so it's easier to shop.

I don't eat the samples - it's mostly not healthy stuff, and I have no idea how to put it in my tracker.

It's just not worth it to me. So, no, can't say I agree.

Posts: 1,021
6/23/10 7:52 P

Sure, at Costco you get high quality food for lower prices, but tell the truth--isn't there just a small part of you that thinks the best part of going there is the food samples??

Today I had an Oreo, a few chips, some really gross noodles and a piece of a granola bar, and it was all CALORIE FREE! I"m sure of it.

It's also a great study in human nature when you can't get down an aisle because people are swarming around the table as though they haven't eaten in a week.

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