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SUZAN30 Posts: 267
7/10/14 3:54 P

I eat frozen mussels (yep, from costco) fairly often. I love them. Not as good as the ones you gather yourself and cook on the beach, but still tasty.

7/10/14 3:51 P


ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
7/10/14 3:48 P

Thanks! It wasn't too clear when I did an internet search. Next step was going to be to call a supermarket and ask to speak to the seafood guy...

7/10/14 3:35 P

Correct, they are whole and frozen. Freezing kills anything in them that can be harmful. They taste better cooked after being frozen. They texture can be a little mushier, so you don;t want to over cook them. They will still open when you cook them.

Most mussels in the store have been frozen, the store defrosts them and puts them out for people to buy.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
7/10/14 3:27 P

No, more like: These mussels are frozen whole - they must be dead. (Are they?) Theyr'e in the shells, not opened, just frozen solid. Still good?

I read somewhere that if you steam them, they open and if not, then those are dead, as in the case of fresh mussels. If they are frozen, does freezing them kill them?

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7/10/14 3:24 P

Found as in "Costco carries frozen mussels - should I try them?"
Why not? most mussels purchased have been frozen.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
7/10/14 3:07 P

If you found mussels frozen, in their shells, untreated, would they still be safe to eat?

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