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1/27/13 1:33 A

I just want to say that the encouragement in this message board is amazing! I'm a late snacker too and I've found that having bottled water in the fridge helps me. Yes it's not as tasty as chips and salsa, ( I'm crazy about spicy chips) but when I grab a bottle out of the fridge and plop in front of the tv that's my only option and so I go for it. Also I shop in the mornings when I feel on top of my game, so I tend to buy healthier snacks like protein bars, veggies, seasonal fruits trail mix. So when I get my munches at night I don't have the junk food to tempt me. Good luck to you, and again this support from everyone.... Seriously amazing!!! I'm so glad I found Sparkpeople!

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1/26/13 7:43 P

I understand your situation and I can share my tricks... These are things I keep in the house for me and my boyfriend who often works late and comes home and feels the first thing he needs to do is hit the fridge.

I make sugar free jello in one of those giant 8 cup glass measuring cups and keep it in the fridge at all times. I keep cinnamon gum near every computer and in the utensil drawer. (Do you really want that when you go to grab your spoon, or will gum do? ) Mint tea is stocked up on and the kettle is always on the stove. (It curbs hunger and aids digestion.) in case I do need a munch, things are per-set in portions in baggies in the cupboard. No eating out of the bag, box or container! It's all little stuff but it helps. The biggest battle in our house is cereal, so it's an alternate week food. If food is the issue, find ways to make it work for you.

If its just a unwind type thing, pick up a hobby. I knit or make jewelry or even color in a coloring book (seriously there are some cool ones at michaels lol) when I watch tv... That whole busy hands thing.

You'll get through this. You can make a change!

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1/26/13 2:10 P


You need to find other ways to reduce your stress that don't involve food. I am a firm believer that if a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline. Stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. What to do ? When you feel stressed out, try a cup of tea instead of the chips and salsa. Chamomile and peppermint are both extremely soothing and relaxing. Put on your favorite music and listen to music. take a walk. Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, it's a great way to reduce stress too. If you can't walk at night, then take a walk during your lunch break.

Take a bubble bath. That might not seem like much, but once again it's something simple you can do to reduce your stress.

I too feel that some of your fatigue comes from the food you're eating. From my own years of yo yo dieting, I learned "that if I eat crap, I feel like crap". So, do your best to try to eat wholesome foods that nourish your body. Have a piece of fruit or two for a snack. have some nuts on hand too. Get some hummus. You can have hummus with toasted pita wedges for dipping.

There are lots of healthier options for snacking that will not only help your waistline, but your mood too. Studies have shown that excess sugar and salt can effect a person's mood. Thus the reason to try to avoid the junk. The healthier you eat, the better you'll start feeling.

And you might read this great Spark article that has other ways to reduce your stress.

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1/26/13 12:39 A

I so get the wanting to lay down and be passive. So. Plan your snacks for your down time. Pre-package them if you need to so you know what your coming home to. I can't bring anything in the house that's junk food in greater than one serving. All my great intentions to eat one cookie turn into the whoooooollllleeeee bag. Easy peasy.


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1/25/13 8:04 P

Is it possible that WHAT you are putting into your body via the snacks that is adding to your tiredness?

It sounds to me like you need to find a new habit for your mouth and your hands! Are you able to get onto SP and read the articles? I found that by doing this I often forgot about food until I realized it was just past my meal-time. It is a good way to distract yourself and learn some really good information in the process.

Good luck,

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1/25/13 7:48 P

Days have been crazy stressful lately and I find wind up not getting home until very late at night 5 days out of the week. Because of this I've been finding comfort in just curling up with a bag of chips and salsa laying down and watching my favorite show. I know, harmless but it's become a bit of a habit and the bag of chips has grow to include pizza rolls, pasta, chicken nuggets..etc...I wind up eating half my pantry! So no matter how good I do on my diet throughout the day, my little escape from reality winds up putting me WAY over the calorie count every day. What should I do? My body is so used to it, I go home tired and craving this downtime snackage I've grown so accustomed to!

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