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10/26/13 1:31 P

I like batch cooking as well. About an hour of Sunday prep gives me enough time to prepare and portion 21 meals.

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10/25/13 4:33 P

I practice bulk cooking, too, and always have. I worked in the food industry for a few years, myself, as a cook in a tourist cafe (not fast food) and a care home. I found that bulk cooking when I had the time, and freezing in single serves, to be a marvelous time saver and great for those days when you are just too pooped to do anything, let alone face cooking again. I build up a variety so I'm not stuck with 'just one choice'. It is also great for helping to save money (one lot of power/gas and one lot of washing up :-)

Perhaps one of your challenges could be to devise a very healthy make-over of some of your favourites. I do this and it is surprising how much you DON'T need butter or sugar, or tons of oil or dressings over everything.


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10/25/13 1:09 P

How do you feel about "big batch" cooking and freezing for usage other days?
What about keeping canned and frozen fruits and veggies available for quick meals, as well as bagged salads, canned meats, even prepared healthier frozen dinners.

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10/25/13 12:46 P

My struggle is that food is my daily job. I talk about food all day long. I work in the food industry as a research chef. You'd think that'd make me better at this, right? Wrong! We are not taught to "go easy on the butter." And after a day of working on my feet all day, the last thing I want to do is cook up something healthy. I just want to eat, shower and sit. Suggestions? emoticon

On the positive side, I've started a yoga class called "Yoga within Reach." And the instructor is NOT a skinny gal! Men, older people, chubby. Class for normal people. And I've started calorie counting. Wish me luck!

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