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3/6/14 10:26 A

mix them into something you do like. Make a stew or soup. Either one of those is easy to do. You can also use a lite whole wheat bread like Sara Lee (read the label the one I buy and use I get 2 slices for 1 serving and only 45 calories for the 2 slices) to soak up the broth or gravy.

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3/6/14 10:19 A

Thanks for all of the great ideas! You are all right, I will just have to find what works for me.

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3/6/14 2:57 A

I NEVER throw broccoli stalks - don't like waste - I cook them too. They are YUMMY.

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3/6/14 2:11 A

Carrots, celery, cucumber, red peppers, cabbage, lettuce, spring onions all taste great raw. (To be fair - I don't eat cucumber as it has a bad effect on me, but I eat the others.) It may be worth trying them as you may prefer to nibble on raw veg. (Lovely with a hummus dip)

I often overdo it when I buy veg and end up with a load of stuff I'm not going to use in regular meals, so I make a big pan of vegetable soup. Anything goes in - even the broccoli stalks which would otherwise go on the compost heap. Sweet potatoes are great, but parsnips can overpower it a bit so don't use too much parsnip the first time as that will put you off for life! I chop it all up (including a couple of potatoes as they help thicken the soup) boil it up, add whatever herbs and spices I fancy putting in and a couple of vegetable stock cubes for good measure. (The vegetable stock cubes from Aldi are really nice, otherwise I use Oxo). Then I whizz it up with a stick mixer thingie (cost me £6 from Tesco and has saved me far more than that in money and time) and hey presto the soup's done.

That will last me several meals so, if I can't use it all in a couple of days, I put some in single serving containers and freeze it.

Good luck, and have fun trying things.

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3/6/14 12:23 A

emoticon If the veggies are cooked and seasoned right, they will taste great and you will like eating them. I make many recipes from a crockpot cookbook called "Fix It and Forget it Lighty." You chop up lots of veggies and season them with some lean meat. The recipes taste good and a serving size fills you up. Veggies help to get the weight loss moving. Hope you will find ways to include veggies and enjoy them, too. emoticon

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3/5/14 11:21 P

When my daughter was young, she wouldn't eat fresh peas and she wouldn't eat cooked peas, but if I gave her FROZEN peas, and called them ice-block peas she would eat them and like them.

I think really you need to start with the things that you don't mind so much. How about a lean meat/salad sandwich? Or Chicken and Avocado? Or Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato?

How about a thick pureed vege soup, perhaps with some chilli or curry in it to spice it up?

You may not like veges done one way, but you may find that you like it done another. How about making pasta? Reduce the pasta and add in some cauliflower or finely shredded cabbage and onion, and/or mushroom?

I am sure that in time you will find that you not only don't mind veges, but you also actually ENJOY them!


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3/5/14 6:54 P

All food is good

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3/5/14 5:12 P

Thank you that is good advice. I could eat fruit all day, but I know I need to balance it out. I am going to try your suggestion. Right now, I like carrots and celery, I am okay with green beans, and peas. So I will try and work more in.

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3/5/14 4:25 P

How about starting with the veggies you did like ? peas ? corn ? carrots ? onions ? green beans ? spinach ? grape tomatoes ? cherry tomatoes ? peppers ? sweet poatoes ? squash ?

Start by eating the veggies you do like and each week, try a different veggie. See what's on sale at the market. If kale is on sale, buy a bunch of kale and try a recipe from the spark recipes section.

St Patrick's Day is coming up. How about a nice boiled dinner ? cabbage and carrots !

You don't have to become a vegetarian. but, increasing the number of servings of fresh fruit and veggies you eat will help you become a healthier person inside and out. How about having a nice leafy green salad with lunch or dinner ? That's a good way to slowly ease yourself into eating more.

While we should be eating 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies each and every day, if you're not used to eating that many, then start with 2 or 3. If you slowly add veggies each week, it'll seem less daunting.

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3/5/14 4:14 P

So I am a very picky eater. My family never forced my into eating veggies when I was younger so now I am not a very big veggie eater. I love love love fruit, but I know I can't rely on just eating that due to the sugar.

My question is how can I get myself into eating veggies, and starting to like them. Now I have tried them, I just can't bring myself to the test.

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