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WUBIKINS SparkPoints: (1,762)
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2/14/13 2:45 A

Hubsband is taking me to Hibachi tonight. Considering what I've eaten there in the past it's not so bad! I've got this. :)

emoticon Happy Valentine's Day, Sparksters! emoticon

SWAN47 Posts: 5,864
2/14/13 1:57 A

I think I will cook a nice dinner for my dear husband. emoticon

ASIANPEAR77 Posts: 130
2/14/13 1:54 A

i proceed as its any other day of the year :| emoticon

MRSALLYP SparkPoints: (20,854)
Fitness Minutes: (59,080)
Posts: 147
2/14/13 12:11 A

we are going to steam lobsters as a treat on valentine's day - yummy protein is a great treat!!

AKATHLEEN54 Posts: 601
2/13/13 10:33 P

Enjoy the time with family and hubby!! Celebrate and enjoy your treats emoticon

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (327,151)
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2/13/13 9:51 P

Enjoy whatever you get for Valentine's Day; for or otherwise!!!!

Janie Garcia Moreno




MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,885
2/13/13 9:45 P

My family got some high quality chocolates from a local chocolatier, Mama Cocoa's. She won a contest on the Food Network

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AERWIN77 SparkPoints: (7,527)
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2/13/13 9:00 P

Sounds great, enjoy! emoticon

I asked my fiancee not to get me candy or anything like that for Valentine's Day. I'd be happy with a card and some flowers. We don't really do anything big for V-day, we try to keep it low key and simple.

He is getting some chocolate peanut butter cups and a card form our 2 year old daughter and I got him a card and am making him his favorite dinner and dessert - which will put me over on my calories for the day, but it's Valentine's Day, so I'll deal.

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,158)
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2/13/13 4:04 P

I bought chocolate for my husband, a racing car trip and a Bluetooth for his Cell Phone. My daughter is also getting chocolates, a Kindle Fire ( already caved and gave it to her) and a new case for her Kindle.

I love my family!

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HOTTYMOMMY2 Posts: 849
2/13/13 4:01 P

Enjoy! I am a chocoholic and I was thankful that my husband thought of my whole goal when he went and sent me chocolate covered strawberries knowing that I choose not to indulge in other vices :)

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GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
2/13/13 3:59 P

Aaaw! How sweet! Enjoy your day and your treats.

MamiSheli53 is my MOM!!!

Abi~Rochester, NY

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I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
2/13/13 2:28 P

Yes, I got food for Valentine's Day and it was what I wanted. I wanted either chocolate covered apples from The Chocolate Factory, or a dozen of filled mini cupcakes from an amazing cupcake shop her in my town. Hubby just came home with cupcakes, but I will save them for tomorrow. He also got me a full sized red velvet cupcake. He knew he better buy them fast because when they are out they are out. The store closes early due to selling out. I/we only buy from the Chocolate Factory on special occasions and vacations and cupcake place on birthday or Valentines day. I love my present as we also went to dinner last night and went to the movie and saw Silver Lining Playbook. I wanted fun and sweets this year. I told him no jewellery that I have plenty of that, he hates when I say that but I have been with him for 25 years and he has bought me lots of jewellery that some I forget about. Tomorrow we will celbrate with my 17 year old daugther and my one year old grandson so his Mommy and Daddy can celebrate.

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