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BECKYBECKY1954 Posts: 66
4/6/13 9:53 P

Buy a food scale.

Buy a set of measuring cups.

Buy a set of measuring spoons.

Use them.

Just do it!

You said it best yourself when you quoted Tupac on your SparkPage. Your old way isn't working. It's time to change.

"We gotta make a change...
It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes.
Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live
and let's change the way we treat each other.
You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do
what we gotta do, to survive." - Tupac Shakur

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CHICACHUBBS SparkPoints: (697)
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Posts: 3
4/6/13 9:19 P

Let me be specific: Amt and calorie food tracking is the challenge. I suck at measurements. A gram is what? Yeh I'm duh but I DIGTHE CONCEPT of food tracking. Im on day five, er, six.

So, I asked if any one had tips more for me, as someone who would prefer to just write what it was I ate and then apply an accurrate number to it.

You're stories, awesome. I dig food tracking as a way to evaluate but I really find it helpful for links, tips, or more "just do it"...consistent affirmations are dope. Thanks all!

NOW_IM_IT Posts: 4,508
4/6/13 8:14 P

When I first started SP almost 5 years ago, the tracker was the thing that helped me the most-by keeping me accountable and letting me see where I needed to make the most changes. Yes, it can be time consuming, but if it helps us to reach our goals, it will be worth every minute!

I have used pen & paper before to keep track of what I ate and the calories for the day. After using SP's tracker for awhile, i pretty much knew when I was going over my daily limits.

After losing 75 pounds, I hit menopause and it is now a struggle to lose anymore. So, I had to seek different methods to get back on the losing path. Sometimes it takes awhile to find what works best for us-we're all different and what works best for me might not be what works for you!

Now I am just eating when physically hungry and stopping when full. There is no calorie counting, but I have tracked my food for a few days too just to compare & it usually comes out about the same no. of calories recommended!! Our bodies are designed to tell us when to eat/drink and will even crave things that are needed if we listen to it.

Try new things and find what works best for YOU!! And enjoy your journey!

BECKYBECKY1954 Posts: 66
4/6/13 7:49 P

You mentioned that you're writing down what you eat, and you asked us for tips.

My tip is to try the SparkPeople Food Tracker instead of writing on paper.

You can learn the Food Tracker pretty easily, and it might turn you from a tracking hater to a tracking lover.

For many of us, the food tracker leads us to make the right food choices by showing remaining calories for the day, leads us to think twice about eating something "bad" because we picture ourselves tracking it later, etc.

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MEETSADMAMA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,193
4/6/13 7:25 P

I used to agree with you a long time ago about the Food Tracker. But now I find it really helps me out, in a few ways actually.

1st thing is 1st. The foods you eat regularly make sure you favorite them. You can track multiple items in your Favorites tab at once making it go so much faster. 2nd foods you make yourself that you love to make you can group those things together and save them for the next time which is a huge pain at 1st but makes it so much easier from then on to add it to the tracker. 3rd if it's something that is store bought but it's hard to find the right one...just make sure the calories match an item that best describes what you ate. It doesn't have to be exact unless you're trying to track things like sodium or certain vitamins or fibre.

So how does it help?? Well for me at least...
I'm lazy and hate adding food I don't need to, so I put less stuff on my food. Like say you have a sandwich - I skip a lot of condiments now because I just don't want to log them on the tracker. Also saves on calories.

On days where I feel ravenous - a lot of days just knowing that I have to track all the junk I put in my mouth it makes me eat less cuz I don't want to waste my time entering it all.

After you get in the habit of logging your food regularly - it's actually not that bad. Just remember to use the shortcuts =]

BILL60 Posts: 926,503
4/6/13 9:02 A

Whatever you do, don't hold back!!!!!!!!!!

GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (237,472)
Fitness Minutes: (107,360)
Posts: 6,680
4/5/13 10:40 P

Tracking can be tedious, but it really is a good way to be honest with yourself about what you're eating.

JAMBABY0 Posts: 15,384
4/5/13 9:24 P

Hi and welcome. So glad you are here to make a change. I understand what a pain tracking everything you eat can be but I have been doing this for about 3 years and have to say if I didn't track everything I ate I know I would not have lost 128 pounds. After you get familiar with everything join some teams. Teams are great for motivation, support and accountability! Good luck on your journey!

MIAJOEB SparkPoints: (205,432)
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Posts: 19,092
4/5/13 12:18 P

Girl, tracking on the spark food tracker is much easier than you think....
it even allows for snacks, if you wish, without going over your calorie spread.
Better to try it than "buy it "..
I am 184 and have been unsuccessful at achieving my goals... even though people keep telling me I look so much better. I have lost 34 pounds and 27 inches...
my goal is 166 which is what weight my doctor wants me because it will put me in the normal range. So keep in touch and lets see who can get there first...
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

CHICACHUBBS SparkPoints: (697)
Fitness Minutes: (30)
Posts: 3
4/5/13 12:05 P

So, I've maintained my 190lb weight for about meh, five years or so (perhaps its a plateau) but I'm 5'3, and I know its too much for my frame. I have to lose weight. I'd like to feel lighter with tighter abs and I'm prepared to work, workout...but not "track" my food.

I f**king hate tracking. I loathe, despise, etc, tracking my food. Fine, its a window into how I eat and what I am doing to sabotage my workouts but seriously, it f***ing blows.

Somewhere at the end of the day, I get the munchies. I suppose I should hold off on eating sugary snacks for one day a week instead of most nites, huh? Sigh. Duh.

So I wrote down what I ate in the last three days, not even the amounts and calories because "AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!" Day one, sensible; Day two, I let loose!; Day three, got too happy.

So now I'm here. Day Four, in the morning, ready to workout, ready to write my food down, and I will keep this habit because I need to take my health and life seriously.

But, writing down the amounts and calories for everything...F***!!!

Thanks for reading my rant...are you struggling with this too? Been through it and have some tips?

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