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3/24/13 7:55 P

DH just ordered one for my birthday. I had resisted the lure of the food scale for over a year--I have a really tiny kitchen and almost no storage space. Then Cooking Light magazine had a picture of one in their last issue (simply because it was a pretty green) and it folds down to small sizze that I can keep in my utensil drawer. It's called the triscale by josephjoseph and cost him $30 online.

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3/23/13 2:18 A

Just gave up on the old scales and popped for a digital.
$49 KitchenAid at Fred Meyer/Kroger.

Zeros out container.
Grams or Ounces to +/- 0.05 Oz
**It can weigh one ingredient, then add another and weight just the added weight without removing the first ingredient.** Cool!

Posts: 2,667
3/22/13 1:41 P

My only advice is digital, rather than one that just has a little pointer with numbers like an old-fashioned bathroom scale.

Digital can be zeroed out to subtract the weight of the container, usually (this is a great feature).
It is more precise.

good luck finding what works for you

Posts: 1,598
3/22/13 7:47 A

STRONGCARMEN, you're right, sometimes it's a pleasant surprise what 3 oz is. Once in awhile I weigh chicken for a salad and I'm surprised at how much 3 oz is -- plenty for lunch.

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Posts: 94
3/22/13 12:36 A

You can get them at Walmart for about $18. I use them to measure my Turkey Burgers at 4 oz's, and my deli meat at 2 oz's

Posts: 1,238
3/19/13 1:34 A

I use two.. a Kamenstein for most things... it works well, is reliable and easy to clean. I also have a cup/scale by Taylor.. great for measuring liquid ingredients or flour, etc., that is more accurately weighed than measured in a measuring cup. Love them both. The Kamenstein is only about $15 at Costco... and the Taylor was a little more than that at Williams Sonoma.

Posts: 543
3/17/13 7:07 A

My frirst one had a glass area for putting things to be weighed ... and one kitchen mishap later it was broken. The current one ran about $20, I think from Target. OXO brand. I've had to change the batteries on it -- AAA -- but other than that it just chugs along and is accurate enough. It measures in ounces and grams; usually I have it set to grams. I've been happy with it.

Posts: 4,848
3/17/13 6:34 A

After having a number of inexpensive scales die on me (usually because a few drops of water touched them), I sprang for an expensive Philips scale (about $90). Worth every penny. Accurate to the half gram. When it eventually dies (I've had it for about 5 years, use it dozens of times/day) I'll try to get another of the same.

My food scale is my lifeline in the weight battle.

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3/17/13 5:40 A

I bought a cheap one at Walmart and it has been eye opening. I have advanced since then and plan on buying a sturdier one now.

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Posts: 15
3/16/13 2:43 P

You will also be pleasantly surprised sometimes at how much 3 oz is. It works in both directions. If you purchase one, make sure it can weigh at least 5lb and that it is sturdy.

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Posts: 9,588
3/16/13 2:14 P

I don't know the brand, but it was very inexpensive, and I got it from Walmart for less than $20. Anything will work, really, but you are right in that you probably will be surprised at what "3 oz" really is!

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Posts: 142
3/16/13 1:26 P

I have found my food scale to be ESSENTIAL for weight loss. Can't remember the brand of mine though...

Posts: 290
3/16/13 10:19 A

Does anyone use a food scale and what brand? I wanted to buy one becasue I think my idea of 3 oz and reality is a little different.

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