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12/16/13 7:26 A

I do to weigh meat portions

LOVINGLIFE45 Posts: 209
12/9/13 4:22 P

Using a food scale is a godsend when trying to measure and follow portion control. It makes your calorie count really accurate.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
12/9/13 8:14 A

I use mine a lot.
I also found some pretty cool little disposable souffle cups (with lids) through a restaurant supplier for outrageously cheap that I use alongside my scale to portion out snacks. My souffle cups are 5.5 oz, which leaves just enough head space for a half-cup portion. I was using grocery-type "snack bags" (plastic zipper bags) before that, but this method is so much easier! and I can reuse the cups several times before the lids give out.

GFDAWN68 SparkPoints: (5,646)
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12/6/13 4:43 P

Every day, not just for measuring portions, but it is much more accurate for baking, especially gluten free baking which is a pain in the butt. Ebay has them, I think mine was 7 bucks.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,617
12/6/13 2:36 P

use mine more than anything else as well

SERENE-BEAN Posts: 1,413
12/6/13 11:52 A

When my scale got melted (don't ask; he feels guilty enough already), I immediately ordered a new one. I can't stand to be without it!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
12/6/13 11:32 A

I use my scale more than any other appliance in my kitchen.

I find it easier to use than teaspoons etc. For example my peanut butter gives nutrition information in measures AND weight (i.e. "2 tbsp; 30 grams"). Well, if I have a piece of toast on a plate and I want to add the pb, it's annoying (and kind of psychologically irritating to me) to have to get out the measuring spoons, level off a tablespoon of pb, scrape it out of there and onto my toast. And then grumble because some pb that i was "counting" had actually stayed stuck to the spoon (how unfair!) I'd rather pop my toast plate on the scale, tare it, and dollop pb on the top until the scale reads "15".

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12/6/13 11:24 A

I agree with Becky too. I love my scale. I use it many times a day to measure everything! I portion out my loose leaf tea (makes the perfect cup). I'm terrible at eyeballing things so the scale and measuring cups really come in handy. Also, I make my own household cleaners and bath and body products so I need a scale for a lot of those recipes too. A totally indispensable item.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,153
12/6/13 7:35 A

I'd have to agree with Becky. Food scales are not expensive, and I use mine several times each and every day. When I first started out on Spark, I didn't have one so I used measuring cups and that "deck of cards" thing, to estimate portions. But to get a really accurate picture of what I'm eating, I needed the scale.

12/5/13 8:24 P

I love my food scale for accuracy of portion sizes.
It is a great tool in my kitchen that I use for many applications, recipe development, etc.
Your SP Registered Dietitian

BAPSANN Posts: 1,448
12/5/13 1:49 P


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