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8/6/14 2:02 P

I had one major episode with vertigo in 2011. It was Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Oddly (and sadly) enough, it was caused because I was listening to the Beatles and shook my head so fast that I loosed and dislodged the calcium crystals of the inner ear.

It lasted about three weeks.

Haven't experienced it again (knock wood) -- but I DON'T shake / turn my head too fast anymore!

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8/6/14 11:45 A

I hope that he feels better soon. Vertigo is no fun and feels extremely scary.


I had ear crystal vertigo.

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8/6/14 8:55 A

Hope it resolves soon! emoticon

8/6/14 8:44 A

My mom just had that ear crystal vertigo thing this past spring. She just completely fell over one day and was dizzy and spinning. Very scary. After a trip to the doctors they diagnosed her with the ear crystal and told her there was no medication for it but to go home and rest until it went away. It took about a week if I recall correctly.

I hope your hubby is feeling all better soon.

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8/6/14 8:08 A

Glad things are starting to work out. The internet is great for many things, including driving yourself crazy with "what ifs" and once in a lifetime scenarios. I hope you get a good resolutions!

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8/6/14 12:51 A

Today was a good day. He only had one episode! Since the Saturday before last, he had 30+ each day (basically, any time he had to move). Spoke to the doctor again and they're leaning heavily towards thinking it's "crystals" like Floradita suggested, but will not know for certain until the ENG.

Thanks, Sparkers, for talking me through my panic and need to web-diagnose. We're hoping tomorrow is just as good (or better) and that life can get back to normal soon, but decided that until the test, we're going to put our search engines away and put trust in the ENT specialist (who is very good - great in the field, and didn't even skip a beat when we had this morning's list of questions from our yesterday search, talking us through each possibility) before we drive ourselves loopy with all the potentials.

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8/4/14 6:34 P

I recently had a bout of vertigo, the whole world kept spinning, I felt nausea and could not walk without holding onto the walls. Honestly it was awful but only lasted about 4-5 days. Could not drive or do much of anything. My doctor suspected something called an ear crystal breaking off in the inner ear causing extreme vertigo. They are more common as we hit middle age and there are exercises that can help. Google it, they are quite common but often go undiagnosed. A friend told me she thought she was having a stroke and called an ambulance but it was an ear crystal.

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8/4/14 6:14 P

Not sure this helps... But when I had vertigo several years ago, my doctor also ran many tests and could not find any cause. Mine usually hit in the afternoon, making work & commuting home difficult. I eventually tried acupuncture (I was skeptical), but after a couple of sessions, the vertigo was gone. He also taught me about pressure points that can help with dizziness etc.

At the time, I was vegetarian, low fat, low cal, but I don't know if tht was truly a factor in the vertigo or not. I have since totally changed my eating & don't have that problem anymore.

Good luck to you & your husband. Hope he can find relief from this soon!

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8/4/14 5:01 P

i hope he feels better

8/4/14 3:53 P

While I am not a dental professional, I do understand why there are different recommendations regarding fish intake for different ages.
The 4 higher mercury containing fish are to be avoided during pregnancy and during the first 5 years of life. Since this is when brain cell development is at its very highest rate. This article can help explain more:

I think it is best to make a listing of talking points you want to discuss with the specialist and then listen to the advice of what the specialist has to say on the various topics.

All my best--

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8/4/14 3:40 P

Actually, no, it's not a blood test. A blood test will only show an acute exposure to mercury and mercury leaves the blood very quickly. You will probably need to find an alternative health care provider (since most allopathic physicians don't believe in this) - some naturopaths or chiropractors can do this for you. The 2 tests my husband had done that confirmed he was mercury toxic (along with a few other heavy metals) are a specific type of urine test and a fecal matter test. Mercury leaves the body via the urine and feces, so those are the most reliable tests. Some doctors do hair testing, but the doctor my husband went to didn't feel that was as reliable.

Personally I don't trust the FDA (and especially the ADA) to be forthcoming about the dangers of mercury fillings. They've claimed for so long that mercury fillings are safe that for either of those agencies to do an about-face is highly unlikely in my opinion. I personally find it very hypocritical that they warn about the dangers of mercury in fish but claim that inserting mercury fillings in your mouth just inches from the brain is safe! Now, they do say that mercury fillings should not be used in children under a certain age or in pregnant women but apparently once you give birth or reach that certain age, it is safe?

For more information, I'd suggest you check out - especially the "smoking tooth" video.

Good luck!

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8/4/14 3:33 P

from what i understand of vertigo, salt is a big factor. so cutting down/out as much as you can can basically only help. the more water you're retaining, the more likely that important bit of the ear i can't remember the name of is also retaining water, which in turn makes the vertigo worse.

i also know someone who was recently diagnosed who cut out dairy and hasn't had a bad episode since. the milder episodes still happen, but no more spinning rooms. it might be anecdotal, but if nothing else works it could be something to try.

8/4/14 3:19 P

You could always take in a 5-7 day diet diary.
Give it to the doctor---just for more data and to see if anything is a red flag.
It is much easier to do this at home when you are not rushed.
(When you try to do a food recall in the doctor's office---you forget so much).

Your SP Registered Dietitian

KASTRA Posts: 369
8/4/14 3:02 P

@ MissSVJS - I don't think you're crazy at all, we're taking any suggestions that might help give a direction, because the ENT was just as stumped as the last two. He does have some old fillings from when he was a kid, but he's not sure what they're made of. Looking at that list of symptoms, though, he has a number of them; he's had quite a few of them over the years in minor amounts that were just discounted as other things breathing issues - treated for asthma and allergies, etc.

The FDA's information looks uncertain about amalgam fillings as a source of anything but minor mercury doses on par with consumption of fish, but that doesn't mean he may not have been accidentally exposed to mercury some other way. At this point, it's worth a question to the doctor. It's just a blood test, right?

@ FedGirl4 - They've ruled out sinus issues. He's undergoing an ENG soon, but soon isn't fast enough.

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8/4/14 2:30 P

You will probably think this is crazy, but does your husband have amalgam (aka mercury/silver) dental fillings (if he has crowns, there could be amalgam fillings under them)? If so, dizziness is one of about 100 different symptoms associated with mercury toxicity. My husband was very, very sick several years ago due to the mercury fillings in his mouth - it took a couple of years before he regained his health. Here is a website to check out.

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8/4/14 1:09 P

I have had vertigo for 17 years now. I had a dizzy spell at my desk in January 1997. Finally after 2 years of it, my doc sent me for an MRI of my head, a doctor for an ear evaluation, and tested my heart. ALL NORMAL. Yet the vertigo still persisted. I did not have spinning spells. Mine were more like I was falling to the right all the time. I was finally able to get control of it after 9 years with meds.

I have not heard of food causing it unless your hubby has blood sugar problems. It could be simple, like inner ear, sinuses, eyes, etc. I am glad he has a visit with his doctors and they are testing him.

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8/4/14 12:32 P

This is a complete grasp at straws, but last weekend, my husband woke up with vertigo and disorientation so bad, I briefly thought he was having a stroke. The disorientation passed quickly but vertigo remained; I took him to Urgent Care. They checked him out and ruled out anything stroke-like and said it could be caused by seasonal allergies and prescribed a medication to help that, but the med did nothing. On Monday, we took him to our regular doctor and he saw bruising on his ear drums but he's had no head injuries and the doctor prescribed another med, which also did nothing, and referred him to an ENT. The ENT appointment was today and they said it's not sinus or allergy-related and are scheduling him for a series of tests.

In the meantime, he's not able to drive because the vertigo remains any time he moves or changes position; when walking or riding in the car he gets tunnel vision (close things appear far away and peripheral vision goes away), and when changing position (going from sitting to laying down, or tilting his head for any reason) it takes a minute or so for perception to catch up where until then, the room looks sideways or upside down, etc.

The doctors are confused and the tests they're sending him for will take a while to schedule, but I wondered...we changed our diets fairly slowly over the past year, but we have made a few changes in the past few months (continuing to introduce new things, etc.)

Are there any dietary-related issues that could possibly cause or contribute to vertigo? Again...I know this is unlikely, but we're desperate. His employer is being understanding right now and allowing him to work from home, but that's not something they can make permanent, which is the least of our concerns as I want my Heart to be himself again.

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