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5/5/13 12:21 A

I have been winging-it, so to speak. Although, lately I have found it isn't working for me as well anymore. I am going to start pre-planning my meals.

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5/4/13 8:21 P

pre-planning works best for me so that I can make sure I get in my 7 veggies and fruits,and stay within my calorie range. If I change my menu I know what to substitute to aim for the same general goal. Winging it never gets me even close to where I need to be.

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5/4/13 8:07 P

I try to plan around what I have in the house and with left overs in mind. So I may make a bigger batch of stir fried beef or chicken with the intention of making wraps and salads with the leftovers. Usually it works. Sometimes when the children figure out that they have been eating the same thing just modified for days they stage a mini revolution. We all survive

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5/4/13 7:46 P

I plan my meals the night before. As I am doing dishes I plan what I am eating the next day. I also use my crockpot to make meals so I can freeze some for later. I also make salad to keep in the fridge with my carrots, cauliflower, strawberries and cantaloupe.

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5/4/13 7:07 P

I was just curious on how some of you plan your food for the day are you a pre-planner meaning you know what you are eating for the day or do you wing it meaning you eat and see how the day goes. For me I try to pre-plan as much as I can so I can stay on track

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