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2/7/11 9:09 A

Thanks for the info. emoticon

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
1/5/11 9:26 P

I haven't used it, but a year or so there was some discussion here from people who ordered it. It turned out to be just a collection of stuff that you can get free elsewhere. The people who bought it said that there was not one thing in it that they didn't already know. That's disappointing when it's a $4 magazine; it would be really upsetting to pay $120 for it!

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1/5/11 9:16 P

Haha I think they're referring to complex carbs and simple carbs...but calling them something else.

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1/5/11 6:43 P

Glad you are not going to try it!

I started off by printing out the Nutrition 101 resource guides and the food comparison charts from Sparks because they are really helpful.

The info in this program is wrong. There is no such thing as fast or slow carbs. Here the link:

Good Luck!!

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1/5/11 6:29 P

Well the jumpstart is supposed to be 21 days and then after that you apply the knowledge of eating...slow and fast carbs or whatever on a long term basis. Detoxing scares me so I wouldn't do that anyways, haha. Thanks for the feedback!

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1/5/11 6:25 P

I couldn't find that much info but it costs 6 payments of $19.99 PLUS sipping and handling.
That's over $120.00

and you get all this:

* 4 workouts on one DVD (Fat Burner, Muscle Maker, Burn & Tone, Fight The Fat Kickboxing)

* Million Meals Menu Planner

* Leatherette Binder

* 6 day Detox Drop DVD Program

* Step-by-Step Guidebook and CD audio Program

* Food Lovers for Life audio CD

* Personal Meal Planner

* Comfort Foods Recipe Cards * "Joy of Eating" Cookbook

* 21 Days Metabolism Makeover

* The Food Lovers Fat Loss Eating Guide


You could get most of it free on Sparks! Check out the free exercise videos, sparksrecipe, and if you need support join a support team. Also, a 6 day detox is not a good idea.

The cost of the DETOX is about $150.00:

"This portion of the program gives a detailed shopping list. I purchased everything from my local health food store. I paid $150.00 (I KNOW you can spend far less at a normal grocery store.:

Lastly this program is only 21 days, what happens after that?

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1/5/11 5:50 P

This looks like a system that is too good to be true. Has anyone used this system or knows someone who does? I'd really appreciate the feedback!!


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