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KIM___ Posts: 278
6/16/13 2:36 P

It's a very good idea to write everything down. Even if it's just a spiral notebook, it doesn't have to be fancy. I use the nutrition tracker here. Having to fill it in deters me from snacking that I don't want to keep track of. I have a plan, as long as I stick to it then I don't have to do the extra work of going back and changing my food tracker here.

SHAUNTESEAN2 SparkPoints: (2,715)
Fitness Minutes: (877)
Posts: 65
6/16/13 12:54 P

They work for me best so that I know what I'm eating. This is like my 3rd time coming back to sp and I hoping I don't fall off the wagon again.

MRSRIGS1 SparkPoints: (128,659)
Fitness Minutes: (30,284)
Posts: 2,778
6/16/13 12:44 P

Before I joined SP, I kept a spreadsheet of what I ate daily (a journal so to speak). It helped me to keep track of calories I ate. I didn't realize how often I wanted to pop this or that into my mouth until I wrote everything down. Journalizing helped me to lose weight. It can be tedious but it's worth the effort.

GYPSYROVER Posts: 3,240
6/16/13 12:24 P

I rely heavily on the nutrition tracker. It is vital to my daily success. I am overweight because I had no idea that I was overeating. Now I can plan ahead before I eat something. I don't have to give up foods; I just eat smaller portions! I love it!

TINKERBELLA9269 SparkPoints: (1,726)
Fitness Minutes: (935)
Posts: 35
6/16/13 8:09 A

most definite!! this way i see what i eat, and i know when and what to cut out of my diet!!

LISAHELLING SparkPoints: (5,289)
Fitness Minutes: (4,263)
Posts: 129
6/15/13 11:23 P

Yes! They are worth it, at least when kicking on a new lifestyle/diet. They will help you see and breakdown what you eat. I recommend a diet book called "Dietminder" you can order it on Barnes and nobles. Ire has helped me immensely to see and adjust my intake to aid me in weight loss. Another tool I can recommend is an app titled "Lose it" it's pretty handy and easy to use.

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SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (246,664)
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Posts: 26,770
6/15/13 11:01 P

I use the Nutrition Tracker on SP - that way I am killing two birds with one stone - keeping an eye on the calories and make-up of nutrients as well as something to refer back to at a later date.

Prior to SP I used to write everything down. I had a list of all the foods I ate along with their calories (didn't worry about other nutrients/fibre, etc). That way I had a rough idea of how much I was eating.

I have always found diarizing to be an important part of my life - not just with food, but with expenditure, and day-to-day events. I have found the both of those types of diaries have helped me considerably with having a workable budget, as well as help when needed when I needed dates/events etc. for Dr or Insurance Co. etc.

But then, I have an obsessive personality trait and that makes it VERY easy for me to keep the diaries - LOL!


JOYFUL452003 SparkPoints: (64,779)
Fitness Minutes: (58,881)
Posts: 920
6/15/13 11:00 P

Journaling is very revealing if you can do it after each meal. If you wait until evening you will forget those little bites here and there. I try to write down everything, some days I do better than others.
Good luck with it.

CLARAL04 Posts: 4
6/15/13 10:44 P

Does anyone out there write down every single thing they eat? I've heard good things about using journals but sometimes I just get annoyed that I have to pull at the journal all the time. I would love start one up again, is there anyway to help you remember to do it or make it less of a hassle?

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