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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
7/17/13 11:58 A

VIRGOGRL250 - You can turn off the meal plans and track your own food. This page has info on how to do that:

Hope that helps!

Coach Denise

VIRGOGRL250 SparkPoints: (372)
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7/17/13 11:33 A

I think it would be nice to type in the foods/snacks making it easier for people following a different plan, making a list of favorites or choosing from a list to add/subtract is a hassle. Perhaps this could be a option for those not following the Plan or Diabetes Plan.

6/30/13 6:43 P

Even if there were a drop down menu on an item that allowed you to specify day and meal to add it to.
Im thinking the "click on food item" then choose "add or move" then choose "calendar day" and choose "meal"

The structure is already present. but it only allows for a move not an add.

The programming would not be too difficult. And what a time saver it would be.

STEVENCANDERSEN SparkPoints: (23,979)
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5/7/13 11:41 P

I agree that it would be very useful to be able to drag and drop food items between meals for the day. I am always putting them on the wrong meal and then changing them. I am busy and it would be a real timesaver.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
5/22/12 9:21 A

While you can't drag and drop items like that, if you entered it in the wrong category, you can click on the name of the item and then select the proper meal category and save it. It will then move that item to the proper category for you.

Coach Denise

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,027
5/21/12 6:08 P

You can accomplish the same thing by using the "Copy Foods" button that is at each meal title.

LOISDESK Posts: 487
5/21/12 4:35 P

I would like to add a suggestion for the programmers. If possible, it would be great to be able to drag a food entry from one meal to another, within the same date. So if I enter something in as a breakfast food and it really belongs under lunch, if I could just drag & drop it, that would be cool. Just a suggestion...
I really love this website & all the features though! VERY easy to use!

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