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A lot of recipes the nuts are optional. My grandson has life-threatening allergies to all nuts, dairy, egg and kiwifruit and moderate/serious allergies to a lot of other things. Even a little bit of a cup of tea that was accidentally knocked over and splashed on his foot reacted badly that within a couple minutes the welts on his foot were getting huge.

I have allergies also. You are best to have a list of what you CAN eat and work from that. If you can eat egg, a hard boiled egg and cold baked potato make wonderful snacks - they have good nutrition and are filling. Dried fruits in moderation make good snacks. Celery and carrot sticks are good - use cottage cheese or hummus as your dip. Then of course there are your pieces of fruit eaten in it's original form or made into a smoothie!

Have you tried oven-baked seasoned soy nuts? I've had some and they are yummy.

I had a look on your SparkPage and noticed that you aren't a member of an allergy team. Below is a link to the one I belong to if you wish to check it out:


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I don't know specifically about subs, but if you check you should be able to find lots of recipes without the items you're allergic to. Do you eat vegetarian? I know sometimes if there's a certain item I might not have (not allergic to anything & like EVERYTHING), I just omit it. On one of sparkpeople's chili recipe, for instance, I see it has peppers, but I make mine with onions, celery & carrots. I'd be likely to use whatever veggies I have on hand, rather than be concerned about using everything it calls for......but that's just me.
When looking up recipes, if you DO eat vegetarian, just type 'vegetarian' & recipes will come up that don't contain nuts.
I also Google a lot.....when I typed 'sub for nuts,' this was one answer: I use Grape Nuts cereal to add to cookies in place of nuts when baking.'
With any luck, you might get a response from one of the nutritionists. emoticon

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Hi all I am new to SparkPeople as of today, and so far every diet I have looked at says something like cashews and pistachios are a great weight loss snack. Well, I am allergic to nuts. Also, I am allergic to peppers, so I am limited at a lot of things. I know peppers are a great source of vit. C but what can I substitute these problem foods for? Anyone have an idea? emoticon

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