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9/16/11 10:18 A

I suggest some water and a nice hot bath. Or you could reward yourself with really tasty healthy food.

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9/15/11 8:11 P

Try drinking one or two glasses of water! When I get in the mood to eat, I do something else to keep my fingers busy! Read, type on the computer, clean something, or craft! Some times it just takes me redirecting my thoughts to get me to not eat! Then again, if I do eat something I go for almonds or fruit! It's a good healthy choice! Good luck!

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9/15/11 7:48 P

Hi all,

Whenever I finish a tough workout, my first instinct is to reward myself with food. Instead, I try to convince myself that getting finished with the workout is a reward in itself. What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


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