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2/5/12 1:27 P

Best of luck to you!

2/4/12 7:20 P

Thank You Everyone!! :) for your advice and support. Like I said in my OP I realize that it's my decision what I put in my mouth and how much exercise I do. I guess I'm just overwhelmed at this stage in my life and maybe need to manage stress in a new way like what Crackerjack2825 suggested, just going for a walk when things get hectic or trigger foods are staring me down. Luann_In_PA, I'll try to say no thank you more often. Thanks!!! JanJana87 for your understanding post. Sometimes that's all you need is for someone to hear you and encourage you. :)

JANJANA87 Posts: 41
2/2/12 9:42 A

Goodness, that sounds like a rotten situation! I totally understand how dificult it can be to live with someone like that. My mother makes comments like "your too skinny" or "you look sick" even with just a loss of 5lbs. As for your parents buying trigger foods, what if you ask them to pick up some healthy snacks that are yummy like those Skinny Cow Candies or weight watchers ice creams, or even the 100 calorie packs. Have you tried having a heart to heart with your mom, maybe ask her to join you on this journey? If she decides to join you or not, dont beat yourself up about eating some the stuff she makes (small amounts are ok) just realize you made a bad choice, pick yourself up and make a plan to do better next time. I'm sorry that your mother doesnt seem to be supportive of your goals, if she cant be the support you need, look somewhere else (like Sparkpeople). You have to look past it and remind yourself of what is motivating you, whatever it may be. Not only do you owe it to yourself to live a better life, you owe it to your 8 year old!! Plus you have to show that ex of yours what he is missing out on!!!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 23,733
2/1/12 10:58 P

"Do you guys have any pointers on how to regain control"

Yep... learn to say 'no thank you.'

You need to take responsibility for what you eat.

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2/1/12 8:16 P

Bottom line, YOU control what you put in your mouth. Unless your parents are holding a gun to your head, it's YOUR choice. And if that's the case, you have bigger problems than a cookie. When mom bakes sweets, go for a walk. You can get unlimited support on SPARK. There are always tips on motivation, healthy eating, living with sabotage, etc. Don't ever feel like you are alone, because I promise you, you are not. :)

2/1/12 7:59 P

Hi Everyone :) I have been a member of sparkpeople for a while but this is the first I've used the message boards so I apologize if I mess this up.
I recently got divorced and I had to move in with my parents. I am 32 and I have an 8 year old, I'm unemployed (looking for work but haven't gotten work yet), and very overweight. I am a Food Addict and I am having trouble regaining control of my food. I have a lot of weight to lose and I am under alot of stress. My parents buy trigger foods and they are always in my face and I can't tell them Not to buy them since it is their house. Talking to them about it would be pointless which, I have tried before and they just end up angry or it falls on deaf ears.

My mother is a saboteur and every time I try to lose weight she immediately starts making cakes or cookies or some other highly fattening foods. It happens everytime, it never fails, so. . . then, I fail. I've tried not telling her but, she notices the choices I make or when I start exercising. I DON'T want to fail again. Despite all of this my mother is very loving and I believe it's almost subconscious when she does this. She focuses alot on my sister being successful but remains silent and unsupportive when I discuss my own weightloss/or life goals. I know that ultimately, it's my decision what I put in my mouth and how much exercise I do but, when there is no support and you live with a saboteur (no disrespect intended) I just feel like I'm working against the tide. Do you guys have any pointers on how to regain control, how to live with trigger foods and how to lose weight without support??? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank-you. :)

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