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11/18/11 4:58 P

I'm sure their policy is listed on their website, but I do know that there is an option called "economy plus" on United that would make you and the people seated next to you more comfortable, so you may want to look into that.

Coral in Portland, OR
11/18/11 1:26 P

When I was 260 pounds (at 5'6") I never had a problem on United (didn't need an extender, but that was a near thing).

You can go to, and enter your flight information. It shows you every seat on the plane, including how wide it is and how much legroom it has. I would use that to compare the United planes with planes you've flown before to see if the seats are smaller.

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11/18/11 1:02 P

When my mom flew on United, they stuffed people into the plane like they were sardines. She upgraded to a better ticket on the way back, but it wasn't much better

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11/18/11 10:20 A

From my understanding these policies are open to interpretation and it depends on certain conditions as to the enforcement (If a fellow passenger complains or the flight is overbooked vs empty etc)

Go online at look at the policy and print it or call customer service and take down the name and number of the rep and the answer in case of confusion at the check in desk or on board.

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11/18/11 9:10 A

Hi all! I am booking flights for the holidays and for the first time, the cheapest (by FAR) flights are on United. The problem? I don't know what their enforcement policy is with regard to obese folks.

I fly American and Frontier normally, and while I use a seatbelt extender, I fit in the seat with the armrests down and I've never felt I made anyone uncomfortable.

That said, I know Southwest will sometimes make larger people buy two seats. Has anyone had an experience - good or bad - with United Airlines? I'd love some feedback before I give them several hundred dollars. :)

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