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5/23/14 2:12 P

A competent Physical Therapist can also show you how to tape it properly for stability. And help you work on the proper exercises to strengthen and prevent future problems.

In my case, this worked **much better** than the soft kneebrace my doctor's office gave me--LOL It just didn't fit right. I asked for a referral after about a week--and was so glad I did! I was essentially pain-free after my first visit with the PT.

PS....because of the needed circular motion in riding a bike, I think you would find a brace too restrictive in any case.... Bike riding may have to wait until you get this healed up....!

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5/22/14 2:29 P

You may also want to ask for a referral to the physical therapist. I ended up in physical therapy after I injured my knee in college. I was diagnosed with some type of knee thing, where the cap doesn't track correctly. My program was about strengthening the muscles around the cap. Also, I can't ride a bike because it hurts too much, elliptical doesn't work for me either.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,001
5/22/14 1:39 P

Can you just go back to the doctor that gave you the diagnosis?

JEEP14 Posts: 88
5/22/14 12:24 P

Thank you for the replies..
Now to find a doctor LOL.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,560
5/21/14 11:55 A

I agree that you'll want to ask your doctor for advice about exercise and whether or not you should be wearing a brace.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,001
5/21/14 11:10 A

The wrong knee brace will make it worse!
Check with your doctor, and use what he/she advises.

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5/21/14 10:58 A

I don't have floating knee caps but right knee has become inflammed due to overuse from my current job. You could ask a pharmacist or your doctor about it. I don't know if a knee brace or if a knee strap would be better though. I do think that riding a bike would help with strengthening you knees (but don't quote me on it).

JEEP14 Posts: 88
5/21/14 8:41 A

Does anyone else have this?
I been trying to strengthen my knees with exercise.. But I would like to
ride a bike with the nice weather.. Does anyone think a brace would help?

Floating Knee when the tissue underneath rubs and inflames with repeated motion.. Like
riding a bike! lol.. just curious.. Thank you

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