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3/17/13 2:35 P

The only way I take my water is plain or with lemon.

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,158
3/17/13 12:51 A

I agree - any fluid - but the preference is not with sodas or juices - particularly as this site is focused on weight LOSS - LOL!

Living in a hot climate would certainly cause a person to want/need to drink more.


TWAINNY Posts: 55
3/17/13 12:43 A

I drink a lot of water cuz I live in a hot, humid country (avg year round temp is probably 90 and like 80% humidity, well maybe not that much but it feels like it!). Within about a minute of being outside you start sweating. If we got out sight seeing I get headaches if i dont drink enough and get heat exhaustion. Plus, i gave up soda, so that means i drink more water now than a month ago!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/17/13 12:25 A

Anything wet counts as water.

There is some misinformation that certain drinks are diaretic (sp?), but the effect is much less than once thought.

Water doesn't become "not water" when you add sugar, preservatives, flavourings, etc.

If you drink so much because you're simply that thirsty you should bring that up when you next check in with your GP. It can be a sign of diabetes to be excessively thirsty.

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TWAINNY Posts: 55
3/16/13 11:28 P

I drink a lot of water (way over the recommended 8 glasses). Does crystal light flavored water still count as water? I do add the crystal light as a line item on my food tracker (it is deceiving that 1 packet is actually 2 servings). But still, one packet is only 10 calories.

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