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5/15/13 1:50 P

The best advice I can give you is to love and accept your body. The things you see as issues now, at 20, will seem trivial to you in another 20 years and you may find yourself looking back and wondering why you let something like this bother you. When I was 20, I was worried about my body too...every little flaw seemed so important to me. Looking back, I just see myself as being silly.

Having said that, a lot of women do go for surgery to fix things that really bother them. Despite what I said above, I don't see anything wrong with going that route if it's what you'd like to do. Make sure you see a lot of before and after photos and know what you can expect from the surgery and do consult with more than one surgeon. Be prepared that any surgery will leave scars and remember that breast lifts and/or implants do not last forever.

Edited to add: Your boobs aren't broken. They sound normal to me.

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5/15/13 12:59 P

Your breasts sound absolutely normal. D-sized breasts are just not perky, sorry to tell you. Most real breast point downward and most women have breasts that are slightly different sizes.

Enjoy your young, healthy body while you have it. The occasional salt scrub and good moisturizing might help a little bit, but really it doesn't sound like something you need to be worried about at all.

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5/15/13 11:09 A

The "problem" is that normal, healthy breasts come in lots of different shapes. The only thing "wrong" with yours is that they're not what's in fashion right now. Like any fashion trend, men don't care half as much as women do and most of them can't even really tell if yours are like the fashionable ones. (If your boyfriend is secretly disappointed, he looks at WAY too much porn.)

Getting into good physical shape, especially doing some resistance training, will likely help a little. You're also going to change shape at least a little over the next few years as you finish maturing. A lot of women find that things just sort of shift around in their twenties, especially if they lose some weight. At the very least, I'd recommend waiting a few years. You'll change physically, and you may also just realize that you like the girls the way they are. Or the fashion could change so a more natural shape is "in" again.

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5/15/13 6:12 A

Thanks for the reply.
I mean surgery as in a lift rather than reduction. Or perhaps after I lose the weight I want to lose (20-30lbs) I will then get surgery to fill them up to a full C and that will also provide the lift I want?

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5/15/13 6:07 A

Had a reduction 5 years ago (best thing I ever did, reduced to a C from a DDD, and yes DH was very disappointed but was supportive. Any how, at the same time you are given a lift, they did tell me that a lift is only temporary, it doesn't hold out for the long haul. So while initially I looked like a 20 year old, gravity did set back in. A good bra is key.

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5/15/13 6:02 A

I'm a 20 year old girl (obviously!) and am not massively overweight - I am aiming to lose around 30 pounds at absolute maximum. I have always been a similar size, no fluctuations in weight other than maybe 5kg either side? So this problem shouldn't be because of weight loss.

So the problem? My boobs seem to just...sag? And I am absolutely MORTIFIED.

I don't want to sound superficial or shallow, but it really gets to me and it makes my confidence go right down the drain. To the point where I rarely take my bra off even when around my boyfriend of 2 years who I'm more comfortable with than anyone! I don't even like to go bra-less when alone at home.

My size is 34C/34D depending on what brand bra I have on. They seem to lose 'fullness' around the top and just droop. The areola bit faces downward and they just look sad ha!
I know I'm describing it in a way that sounds like somewhat of a natural shape, and I don't want boobs that are up to my neck and the size of basketballs, but I do want perkier breasts at least!

Ultimately, I think surgery is the only way to fix this problem but I just don't understand why they are like this? I know so many other girls who have similar size boobs which don't sag so much! Does anyone else have this problem? Ideally not due to weight loss? Or even if it is due to weight loss? And has anyone had the problem fixed via surgery?

And to the men out there.. do you think my boyfriend is secretly disappointed? He says he loves them (he doesn't know I hate them) and all that, but I just feel so ashamed of them. (I'm not wanting to fix them for my boyfriend by the way, this has been an issue for me for several years now)

Thank you xxx

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