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IJOANIE, the weight loss will come if you use the Nutrition Tracker and keep your daily bottom line numbers within the ranges set by Sparkpeople. The weight loss will be slow and steady (and that's what your body needs: slow and steady.) The exercise is sculpting the New You. As you slowly lose the weight, your new body is gradually revealed. Take it from me: religiously using the Nutrition Tracker AND consistent exercise will result in success beyond your wildest dreams. Guaranteed.

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Good job on your WII! I, too, am slow in loosing weight, but the inches have left as I get stronger with exercise. I'm glad you are feeling stronger - I think that's one of the best things about SparkPeople!

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Congrats on setting new records and your activity level!! Here's to many more!!

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The scale is our worst enemy,as long as you are feeling stronger thats all that matters, great job! emoticon

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12/31/12 9:08 P

I am really pleased with my small victories ! I use the wii fit and after only a few weeks of use, I suddenly am receiving new record scores!
One new record yesterday, and FIVE today!
Not seeing much weight loss, but I see I am getting stronger!

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