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2/26/13 3:51 P

I do track everyday, I use my fitness pal thoigh... I track every but of food in the am except dinner because I never know the exact calorie content if what I'm going to make...then I rarely throw what I ate for dinner into the counter :( I'm mykidzrkute if my fitness pal if you wanna take a look..... Here us my daily food log though: am-1/4c SCO with 1.5 tsp peanut butter, 1 tsp honey 1 c coffee, 1 Tbs creamer OR 2 eggs 2 pieces turkey bacon with my coffee. Am snack: 1/2 c 0% fage Greek yogurt, 1 c frozen fruit with 1 tsp honey all mixed together....lunch: varies but is always left overs from the week and is usually around 300 calories, 1 serving extra veggies always included. Pm snack:apple or orange and 24 raw almonds. This is my meal daily, even in weekends.... It's going into the evening I get crushed! This had also been my menu since October, I track so well during the day.... I also don't buy junk....the closest you'll see to junk food at my house is fruit snacks and those aren't something I'll eat. I do air popped pop corn on the weekends.....and I do end up with the "oh well! Already screwed up I guess I can shove my face full of food the rest of the day!!" I always have had that mentality and font know why. I love the putting fresh veggies on the counter while I cook! That us a good idea! And I tho l setting up a challenge for myself to not eat after 7 would not only helps self esteem but probably my reflux as well. Oh! I also like the idea of putting all left overs away right after serving. If I could get rid of the "I already screwed up" mentality that would be my guest wish. Thank you all so much for your ideas! I'll take anymore I can get!

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2/26/13 1:25 P

I had the same probelm last year. I would work out like crazy, but my diet sucked. You have to get your diet under control, before the weight comes off. Last year, I worked out with a trainer and only lost 10 pounds in 3 months. This year I lost 15 pounds, since Jan 1. The only difference is my eating. Tracking- track everything you eat. It helps. If you don't write it down, don't put it in your mouth. Watch process foods. Cook at least 2 meals a day at home. Portion size is also the key.

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2/26/13 10:18 A

Is the munching on the weekend accompanied by a lot of TV watching? You may need to limit your TV time.

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2/26/13 8:48 A

Food is what I struggle with too. Exercise? No problem. I'll make myself do it even if I don't want to. But pass up seconds at dinner? Who are you kidding!

Sometimes you just need to force yourself. It's hard, it sucks, and it's what makes losing and maintaining weight so hard. I've been making excuses for ages, since gaining back some of the weight I worked so hard to lose. I blame it on stress at work, my shoulder problems, being tired, but the truth of it is that I'm just not trying hard enough when it comes to what I eat. If I can't teach myself to stop when it's time to stop, I won't succeed.

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2/26/13 7:45 A

When you shop, don't allow yourself to buy the sweets or the chips or whatever your vice is. My vice at Walmart are their own Grasshopper Cookies that taste exactly like Girl Scout Thin Mints. But I can't eat them if I don't have them in my house.

When I crave sweets, I'll make a protein shake (I have a 2 lb of Vanilla Body Fortress Whey Protein at home). I'll mix in skim milk, bananas and/or strawberries and some creamy Jif and its delicious and filling (the Jif does add almost 200 calories if you use a serving so I usually just use 1 tbsp).

If I do have my vice at home, before I open the bag or box, I look at the calorie info and really ask myself do I want to add these calories on. If that doesn't stop me, I take whatever a serving is and that is it. Enough to satisfy the craving but not enough to wreck my day. Satisfy yourself but in moderation.

2/26/13 6:24 A

Sometimes you have to tell yourself who is boss. Try making dinner and putting and left overs right away. Also try to plan some snacks in pre portioned containers. I also find that not buying a lot of those foods you tend to snack on help too. I buy more fruit and cheese now. If you are bored at home find something to occupy you. A book, that shelf you forgot to dust, the spare room you've been wanting to rearrange, anything your heart desires.

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2/26/13 5:14 A

I just went to have a peak at your Nutrition Tracker to see what was going on, but you aren't using it. Do you track anywhere else? If not, I strongly suggest that you use it, and weigh all of your food for increased accuracy. It is only then that you will know exactly what is going on.

I am wondering if you are actually eating enough calories - especially considering the exercise you are doing. A lot of people don't because either they don't realize it, or think that it will get them to where they are going, faster. It is the best recipe for falling off the wagon, tho'!

You might find that if you increase your protein a little, and any processed carbs replaced with fruit/veges or a hard boiled egg, etc., and make sure that you eat all of your meals. It might be really beneficial for you if you plan a smart snack in the afternoon for when you are obviously very peckish. It might be some low-fat yoghurt and a few almonds (unsalted) or even a smoothie which you can 'sip' on during the time of your getting home and eating your dinner. It is a great way to include extra fruit/veges into your day :-)

I hope that you find some help there,

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2/26/13 4:50 A

Well. You can't out-exercise a bad diet. I reckon it would be good to try to get at the cause for your overeating. Is it stress, for example-- coming home after a stressful day, and that relax = eating thing? Or is being at home stressful? Is it "all or nothing" thinking-- you blow it and go over your range, snacking on a few things while making supper, so you figure, may as well really overdo it and just eat all evening long?

Is it maybe because you have a couple drinks and let down your guard? Are there too many trigger foods in the house? Are you craving one thing in particular, and instead of having just a small portion of that food, you replace it with large quantities of something else hoping it'll fill the void?

Since you get so much exercise, is your calorie range set up right? If you're trying to limit yourself to too few calories all day, by dinnertime you could very well be too hungry. I always have a hard time staying in control when I'm too hungry.

I like to keep a large container of cut-up low-starch vegetables in the fridge (celery, carrots, peppers, broccoli etc. Depends on what's in season/cheap). If I come in from work and I'm starving, I set that container on the counter and "graze" with those, while I cook supper. It can also be helpful to post a list of your goals right there in the kitchen, to help remind you. Some people set a "cut off" time-- no snacking after 7 p.m. for example, and then start a streak of how many days they can be successful at it.

2/25/13 11:18 P

I need help :( So When it comes to fitness I would consider myself on board and in control. I am at the gym every day but Sundays and have always been a cardio freak. My guilty pleasure in life for the past 6 years has been step. It's like super duper white girl dancing! I go at least 4 times a week but try and make is 5. I have always had a hard time with strength training until recently. I enetered a biggest loser contest at my gym and have only lost about 6 lbs in a 6 weeks (two of which weeks i gained) but have discovered hiit. I have kinda clinged onto one of the trainers at my gym who is leading my group because she is so easy to talk to and she is so real and I have gotten to know her a little bit over the past 6 years at our gym. She introduced me to hiit and I have been working on new routines over the past 3 weeks. I find myself FINALLY fitting ST into my weekly routine and I am finding myself loving the way it makes me feel. is my problem.....I have diet issues. I paln out my meals on a nightly basis and pack my lunch box for my entire next day. I do really well. I eat everything I have prepared as planned and know my calorie count.....and then I come home, and everything just falls apart. I eat anything around me, especially while preparing dinner. I make spark recipes and I make sure my portions are what I need but once I start eating i don't stop!! And weekends! Oh weekends!!! About half my weekend calories are just forgotten and i eat and eat!! Why can't i control myself during these times? I have spent two weeks now discussing this problem with my wonderful trainers during this event were having and they are so good to offer me advice and personal guidance yet I still can't seem to get the food portion of my life under control...I need an eye opener or SOMETHING!! Any personal advice or story or guidance or ideas would be greatly appreciated........Thank you so much

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