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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 64,602
1/19/14 7:46 P

Have you always had this problem, or is it something recent? Can you give me an example of a workout you entered (kind of workout and the date) that disappeared so I can check into it?


Coach Jen

LNICOL Posts: 3
1/19/14 7:22 P

Is anyone else having problems with the fitness tracker losing entries. I entered all my activity for this week on a daily basis. The fitness tracker lost the entries for prior days and did not include in my totals. Even when I went back to Monday and entered the weeks activities again they disappeared.
Does anyone else have this problem.
Sparks - if you are monitoring these posts please take a look at this feature for errors in its functioning. I was thinking of putting on my phone but will not do so (there is a cost) now that this tracking is not working correctly. emoticon

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