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3/10/14 8:12 P

Nope! Seriously, try adding in your expected weekly calorie burn into the equation. And I know it seems counterintuitive that you can eat more and lose weight. But, it really makes a difference.

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GOOFYLADY5692 Posts: 263
3/10/14 12:42 P

Soo I'm not just going to be eating back all the calories I just burned off?

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3/10/14 7:56 A

Yes, and it works. The personal trainer that is giving nutritional advice is actually working out of his/her training. That person is an exercise specialist, not a nutritional ounselor like a dietician or nutritionist.

I personally experienced this When I initially lost weight, the program had me on 1200 calories. That worked okay for about 6 months, when I had more to lose. As I got closed to my goal weight and was exercising more, my loss slowed considerably and even stalled out. I finally quit that horrible place and started eating more. Low and behold, I dropped around 10 pounds in a month.

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3/9/14 11:19 P

oh, emoticon

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3/9/14 8:21 P

No I don't. I finally put myself first and hired a personal trainer and his first piece of advise was that I should not align my caloric intake with my exercise. In other words, I eat the same amount of calories (1400 for me) whether I workout or not.

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3/9/14 5:32 P

Yes, I linked them and I am happy with the results so far.

On average I am having to consume 300-400 more calories daily but I am losing again so it is a win-win for me.

Good Luck with your chosen program.

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3/9/14 5:01 P

I have my fitness tracker tied in to my nutrition tracker, but I often go under the recommended calories. If I ate what is suggested I would feel stuffed and probably wouldn't lose weight. I know that eating too little can be detrimental to weight loss but I'm not starving, just going a couple hundred calories under and losing about a pound a week.

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3/9/14 10:34 A

I agree... The more you exercise , you should increase you calories accordingly!

3/9/14 3:57 A

I did but then turned it off again, I think that if you have it on it adjusts the cal range day to day depending on your exercise but if you have it off it takes what you have put as your goal cal burn for the week and spreads it throughout the week.

Therefore it shouldn't sabotage your goals eating more on those days.

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3/8/14 10:43 P

Yes. The goals still work. The more you exercise, t he more you need to eat to support that exercise, and adding an extra 200 calories isn't going to sabotage your goals.

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GOOFYLADY5692 Posts: 263
3/8/14 2:37 P

Does anyone else have their fitness tracker factoring in with their nutrition tracker so that the daily calorie range is adjusted according to how much exercise you get?
I just turned it on and it's saying to eat a LOT more (like 200+) calories. I guess I have been a bit hungrier and I've been jogging more recently, but I'm afraid it will be detrimental to my weight loss goals.

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